The Fog


Trump’s America¬†

We See the deception of the false reality you’re trying to project and we will exercise our voices to object your unAmerican, racist and ignorant plans to destroy the lives of all human beings, animals, the climate, relationships with our allies, all for the sake of your egotistical God complex.

 You cannot filter what we see and what we can say. 

I trail the sun, Searching for the first glimpse of my moon, For love shines upon her edges, And her craters shadow me from the loss of light I once mistook for love. 

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Living in a false sense of reality, Surrounded by FAKE PEOPLE, FAKE NEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA VOYEURISM, DESTRUCTION, Disillusioned by truth, Playing second fiddle to my own life, I began to question where I am and I wonder,  Am I living in a 21st Century Dystopia?

-hope Kenyon 

The Dance With Fate

There lies the dance with fate,I sway in the dust of memories purest hate, 

Passionate anger, I cry,

Buried bones within my flesh, 

I rot,

They hold me back from life, killing my soul, piece by piece,

I have no choice but to let you all go,

To banish you all in forgiveness so that I may live, 

May these skeletons find wings to fly. 

-hope kenyon

Love Story

The sound of his voice bewitched her senses,

Sweet red wine lingered as she tasted his words,

Love traced the edges of her lips,

She desired his kiss,

She wanted to consume a love story. 

-hope kenyon

The Tides of Passion

The tides of passion have swept me out to sea consuming my heart whole, remnants of my love trail the ocean floor, never to see light again, for I fear sea monsters exist with an appetite to devour hope and I stand fearful once more of love. -hope kenyon