Dream State Mind

In the worlds visited through swift dreams
I’m not who I pretend to be
In day
Struggling with shyness inside -myself

I flow seamlessly
In the night
A roaring beast
Head held high

Only to wake
With empty thoughts
Memories trapped in places
Never to find – (a key, a door, or even a token)

I lie still
Concentrating for a moment
Praying for one thought to take me back
I beg to the unknown-send me back, to this extroverted land, where I fear nothing in a dream state mind

The Null Without You

There was no me before you
No beauty in blue
No shine in light
Pitch darkness stood everywhere I turned
Day and night

Even in the middle of May
I stood empty
Without you
Without the love living in you

No music unearthed the null
I danced in silence
Numb to the world
No peace
Just pain

Love was not love
Without you
My soul was not whole
Without you

Nothing made sense
Nothing to cure
The desire
For you

Just a poet
Without words
In modern day
Looking for you

Life was not life
Without you
My body without a soul
Without you

Art stared blankly in depth
The highs sat parallel to the ground
Deeper and deeper
The world was just eh
Without you

The Only Love For Me

It was the gentle caress of your finger tips
They screamed love
As they massaged my face
While I laid restless in bed
Taken by fever
Your kind words
Wishing away
The virus consuming my soul
I see why this is called love
Not any kind of love-real love
The way you cared for me
The way you wanted to remove the monster from inside me
To help me
To protect me
I slept
You watched
You slept
I watched
You never left my side
You didn’t think you did much
The tender touches
Getting things
Doing things
Here and there
The little things-tender loving care
In a few days
It was more than a lifetime of childhood memories
Or any other memory, of any adult, capable of loving me
Surpassed in a weekend
By the love of a man
Not any man
My man
The only love for me