All I Ask Of You

Be love,
In all its forms,

Not just words that dissipate into air,

Love me,
Truly love me,
Wrap me with the words you proclaim,
Tie me down,
So that I may feel them bind my soul,
My heart,
Love me in all loves physical forms,
Celebrate me,
Adorn my mind with your charms,
Leave me wishing,
Nothing more,
Than your nourishment,
To feed my hunger,
Until the bitter end,
Of life,
Love me,
Truly love me,
With all your heart.

Children of the Moon and Stars

Our honeymoon phase has surpassed the predictions of many
The leery said it wouldn’t last
Claims were made that the passion would fade fast
And we would be left like everyone else-
Loveless, lifeless fools
And even in those early days
I knew in the depths of my soul
Our love would be
Long lasting and free
It was predestined to be
I just knew
I heard the echo through the trees
Our love danced in the eyes of stars and in the heart of the moon
A gift of light-
Our love was epic and true

Do I dare share his kiss gives me something to believe?

It gives me two faiths

The faith in love and the faith in someone above 
– both blessing me 
Love had failed feverishly before
Many times
Only leaving remnants of haunting memories 
Of chasing all the wrong ideas of love
Now I can proclaim 
Fairy tales exist
One has saved me from cynical belief that there is love for me
I sometimes still want to provoke the gate keepers of my dreams
To find someone
Anyone- just to pinch me
To wake me from destiny
To say no my darling this is real
Father, I whisper…
How could love be so cherry sweet?
Never did I dream this boy I once knew- would be kissing me
Changing my life
Changing my story
Creating history
When we were young
Just seven through the high school years
I’d never believe 
He was meant for me
But he always knew
Our hearts were not two
They were one 
Just doing time
Waiting until the day
We find our way back 
To each other
We were always meant to be
Now I see why
Our passion dances in the flames of romance
And no one can believe 
Or see
True love marries long before our souls recognize the mating call
Settle your heart and soul
And you might see
The dance of the children born under the moon and stars 
That story is about me

Road Map

Come and join me
Come spend the day on a journey
I want to try to explain
The road map to my heart
I want to leave you with awe, wonder and thought

Dance with me in summer rain
In the middle of May
Feel the chill of November
And blue Monday’s
Trampled hearts looking for a cure
To end all misery

See with me the stars in the middle of a blaze
See hope in the haze
And joy when it rains
Ashes, rebirth
It is all the same

We can’t have joy without pain
We can’t have the sun without the moon
We can’t have life without death
We can’t see the light without the darkness

Come away with me
Follow my road map
From the beginning to the end
Join me under rolling thunder and clouds

When I see the ups and downs
And I cry at the headlines of strangers
All around
Reading about displacement, pain, loss, famine, and haters
Find peace in your thoughts and worldly prayers

Look for the best in all that we touch
It’s okay even if you cut me open with salted wounds to air
And bleed
Use me as a crutch
I’m going to love you all every day
Just the same

See with me the stars in the middle of a blaze
See hope in the haze
And joy when it rains
Ashes, rebirth
It is all the same

Inhale life like a spring bouquet
Look past your old ways
See sunshine in the gloomiest days
Absorb all life woes
Find love living in its truest form every day
Come away with me