Left with no Heart

I’m so broken,
There’s pieces of me everywhere,

My heart has only a little left,
Been leaving chunks here and there,

Not enough of it left to survive,
Time to just run and hide,

No need to follow,
No need to find,

I stepped out of my soul this time,
Shriveled up inside my skin,

Leave me now,
Pretend you don’t see me,

Say good bye to the girl with no heart,
Say hello to the guys who hold what’s left,

Perhaps you’ll see me there,
Spreading my love everywhere,

My joy amongst others,
My unconditional love in all I touched,

Leaving behind a legacy,
The girl who died giving her love left with no heart.


Can’t you see

Try to walk in my shoes for a day,
Feel the strain, the heaviness, how I sigh,

It’s not easy being me,
In emotional pain constantly,

Drained and tired most the time,
No time for me taking care of three,

Life passing me by,
Stray grey hairs reminding me my youth is in the wastelands, a distant memory,

When will it end?
When will the grey veil lift from my head?

What lies ahead?
More torture, more time, another day I lose my mind?

We all have our demons,
The maddening days,

With strength we prevail,
Though some days I would rather cave,

Just give up for awhile,
While I try to compose my inner cries,

A break from life,
A time out today,

Some sleep,
A good cry,

In silence and alone,
So no one sees I’m only human,

Can’t you see….

Look My Way

Smile he said as he looked my way,
I turned and tried to make the gesture anyway,

My heart is bruised,
Black and blue as I try to forget you,

My body aches as the sadness slowly kills me,
No amount of healing, no medicine to cure,

There’s no happiness left in me,
You took all my love, spent me dry,

You’re always telling me you don’t want to hurt me,
Though you keep me dangling on your fishing line,

Reeling me in and out again,
Waiting to see if I’ll stay,

My belief in love and mankind abolished,
Exterminate the last bit of hope,

Smile, look my way,
I’ll give it one more shot before I fade away.

Just One Night

Just one night is all I ask,
One night just you and me,

An evening to share to bear our souls,
A special treat I can almost taste,

My senses are under your spell,
I’m in hell,

My instincts driving me crazy,
I promise not to tell,

Whisk me off my feet,
Under the moon and stars,

Press me against the wall,
Raise my arms lock my wrists,

Kiss my lips,
Your pleasure, my pleasure, our pleasure,

Transport me baby I’m all yours,
Just for one night,

Just for one night,
I’ll belong to you and no one else,

Make our little fantasy real,
Seal the deal ….tonight.

No Escape from Love

I set out walking down a new road,
Packed the mental baggage this time for good,

Ventured out a few days cheering,
Feeling like a new person,

A few little voices,
Some held back tears but stronger than before,

Kept walking,
Until, a message came about,

I miss you,
I miss you more replies,

The strength of the mind no match for my heart,
For I thought my heart was only blind,

Ah but what a fool to believe,
For my heart is also deaf,

Surviving on instincts,
For what is felt by the heart can’t be undone by the logic of the mind,

No escape from love,
I must burn and parish to let go.

Lie to Me, Release Me

I’m not sure how our paths met,
A perfect first encounter I can’t turn back,

It’s easy to love you,
Never giving any demands,

If you asked me to stay and never leave,
I’d gladly oblige giving my heart whole-heartedly,

I’m the love you save for a rainy day,
Baby I’m catching on to your game,

Each kiss new and like the dew drops on the morning leaves,
Fresh and alive,

The touch of your hands melts me each time,
I’m struck by the lightening in your eyes,

The love that has left me a fool,
Baby I’m in love,

Look me in the eyes and tell me I’m not insane,
It’s not a game,

Your little puppet on a string,
Master puppeteer release me,

Pull the words right out of the page,
End this little love affair,

Send me back in time to the day we met,
I’d turn left instead of standing in your gaze,

To save the one last bit of integrity I have left,
Lie to me, release me.


Walking in my world of grey and fine lines,
I failed to see I walked with blinders on with matters of the heart,

My vision limited,
Thoughts misconstrued,

Damaging my life with endless days of hurt and sadness,
Blinded heart kept in the dark,

Hiding behind the blinders kept my reality from shining in,
Living in a make believe world I created,

Hearing the truth but interpretations revealing lies,
Lies that only a twisted mind and hopeless romantic could believe,

The hard truth is there is no love,
It’s really black or white,

Trying to see grey to blend reality,
I removed the blinder, I see black, just black, no white.