A Wishing Well

Sitting here getting myself down,
Staring under my dark cloud,
My umbrella a jagged knife,
Sabotaging my mind that I’ve got no soul,
Playing the mental game where there’s no winner at all,
There’s only room for a loser and its me,
Wondering if I said too much,
Shared my naked soul too soon,
Left myself wide open for some old fashioned heart stomping,
Displayed a different side of me and now I’m scared,
Wishing I could erase the things to ease my mind,
Trippin half the time,
No clue since I’m standing in the silence,
No one around to talk to,
No one to stop my inner fool,
Trying to hear anything to resemble a sound,
Play some music to calm the fear living in me,
Wishing you’d see and read through the turmoil created inside my internal hell,
All alone praying beside a wishing well.


Stray of Light

Somewhere off in the dark distance with my mind lost,
My heart with a faint beat,
I found hope with a stray of light,

Pleading to be saved,
My mind dead without my heart,
My heart stronger than my mind,
However foolish most the time,

Too deep for he is mostly shallow,
Leaving me hollow,
Giving too much of my love,
The needle sacrificing the dove,

All my thoughts with multiple meanings,
Yet you only hear one,
Leaving me scarred and tears flowing,
Always leaving me with my subconscious disgraced,

Silencing my words,
Closing off my mind,
Settling with the silence,
Someday I’ll be just fine.

Inside of Me

Trying to let go of all the insecurities keeping me chained,
It’s been years of build up tearing me down,
Keeping me bound,
Not an attractive trait,
Surely its been my fate,
I’m here again put to the test,
Heaven and hell,
Back and forth,
Needing rest,
Something beautiful awaits,
Letting go to fate,
Scaring me more and more each day,
I wait.

Kissing You

I stared at your picture and it left me intrigued,
Barely knowing a little and wanting to know what’s buried in your soul,
I want to see inside your light,
Gaze into your eyes where your story lies,
Feel the enchanted smile radiating through me,
Electrifying energy you’re lighting up my core,
Building up the heat to that first kiss,
Your hand behind my neck,
Gripping a few strands of my hair I know what’s in store,
You look into my eyes just for a second,
My heart stops,
Pulling me closer, closer, oh damn don’t stop,
Your lips upon mine and the shadow of your shave brushing across my chin,
I’m about to lose control,
My head leans back and you make your way across my face and down my neck,
Weakened knees, my heart penetrating right through me,
Pulling you back to my lips,
Now you’re mine,
Your kiss eating me alive,
How can I resist,
Trying to behave, my body is making its claim,
I feel the connection and the passion rising,
Oh the chemistry,
I’m heated,
I’m flying,
Struggling not to explore everything about you in the flesh,
Lord help me before I concede.

It’s Good Bye This Time

Came up for air from beneath the rock laying upon me,
Suffocating for way too long under your evil spell,
Addicted to the sex I lost my mind,
Believing it was the best I ever had,
Misdirected and cruel I gave my soul to you,
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the wind blows and I’m free,
It all existed in my head and wasn’t real,
I can finally breathe a sigh of relief,
The spell broken and you’re gone from the thoughts living in me,
I’m home, free and my energy vibrant,
Amber glow circling around,
The darkness gone,
The stillness I find within,
It’s too late don’t come looking for me,
I’m guarded and setting my sights high,
I’ll be leaving my spell this time,
Running and screaming yes,
Smiling from the inside out,
No longer will you find me jaded,
My soul returned and released from the deceit,
Listen to the whisper telling you good bye forever this time.

The Music Soars in Me

Shhh, listen,
I feel the music filtering through my heart and my mind,
I close my eyes and I’m transported through the astral realm,
Just in time…..
My body takes flight and I’m dancing through the sky in delight,
My halo slips down,
My dark wings expand in the night,
I say my good byes,
Kiss them all good night,
My eagle soars as my soul frees itself from all the evil swimming in me,
Dance with me,
Feel the floor move beneath your feet,
The music comes alive,
We are free from all the congestion,
The evil,
Listen to the words and escape,
Take flight,
No longer can I wait,
But I’ll wait for you on the other side…

Punch in the Face

Played me along in your little game of the heart,
Messed with my head days on end,
Left me spinning I wish I was dead,
Wicked and cruel left me standing like a fool,
Broken hearted and no answers to why you played with me from the start,
In the beginning,
I was real, I was me,
No games, no lies and only open about my world,
Told me it was refreshing,
Told me everything I wanted to hear and I believed every word you said,
I thought I loved you,

Now if I could see you, I’d punch you in the face,
Smash your soul and crush you to stone,
Make those blue eyes black like your soul,

Pure evil from the start,
Not sure how I missed that but now I know,
The wicked little games when your veins flow with evil,
The drugs obviously directing you soul,
Controlling your mind and manipulating innocent hearts,
You bastard,
Destroying my trust and faith once again,
I hope you come across the words screaming out of my head,

Now if I could see you, I’d punch you in the face,
Smash your soul and crush you to stone,
Make those blue eyes black like your soul,

Damned soul you will find yourself one day left high and dry,
Someone will come and chew you up and spit out your soul,
Leave you dying in the decay that makes you who you are,
You need a savior and it will never be me,
Now you’re nothing but dead,
Like the fresh cut flowers I lay across your grave in my head.