To Believe

I see my path it tastes so sweet

I’m lit up like the 4th of July

I’m happy for the first time

I’m living the dream

It is just that, it is a dream

A mental mirage

A faint weep can be heard if you stand close enough to me

Be careful I warn

My feet are stuck in cement

An illusion created out of fear

You know, the ones the dream makers forewarn of?

Tied by the mental ropes

I struggle to get free

To live the reality I dream

This darn fear

It has a hold on me

If I open my eyes

I can catch a glimpse of colors

If I remember to breathe 

I can smell victory

I can, I will, 

Free my soul 

Release the fear that binds me

I just need to believe


Wonderful Dreams

It was a hazy day
On a late afternoon
The sun shined flecks of orange and gold
My whole body felt light and relieved
There he stood
My old friend hugging me good bye
Comforting me
As I started to let go
Turning my head down and away from the safety of his chest
Realizing I didn’t really want him to leave
I could feel my heart was trying to tug me back
He said, ” when will I see you again?”
Externally I froze
Internally I processed at rapid speeds
I looked up to say, “I’m here now,”
with a coy, half-crooked smile
He smiled back with a partial laugh
Our eyes met between our laughter
Then fate stepped in
His lips met mine
I felt my body melt into his
The softness of his tender kiss
The slowness I’ve missed
Our lips met for another
Three short breathless kisses
The kind I adore
I couldn’t feel my heart anymore
Exchanged in the heat of the moment
I presented him a gift
My heart was now his
My eyes opened wide
It was a dream
I wonder what this all means?
Other than just a wonderful dream.

Free Me

Those that carry all things

Feel everything as real

Every day is a struggle of intertwined vines of emotions

fear, love, pain, happiness, stress and anger

All surroundings are absorbed

Reminders of everything in an image to hold and release

Wings in a photograph

Find a way to free me

Weeping Willow

Weeping willow my mirror

I wilt too

I gaze towards my feet

My love struggles to reach the ground

The challenges faced drain my ability to grow

My heart bends-but it does not break

I long to soak the sunshine in

I want to capture the whispers of the moon at night

I desire to feel the wind to kiss my skin- to hold me tight

To break free the of the mental weight so my love can reach the muddy waters

To be able to plant the broken pieces of my own heart to grow free

Leaving pieces of my soul to bloom infinite love indefinitely



Losing Hope

Each passing day I see you indulging in the poison my love starts to melt away
My dream and smile fades
I stand on one side of the street and you stand behind the barriers of wire metal by your own accord
I hope you see as each tear sheds, a cry of love slowly drifts away
I hope you see the glow of my heart start to tinker away
I hope you see what you’re throwing away before it’s too late

A Token of Love

Sitting around Saturday morning

The sun glares in through mustard-colored shades

And fills my heart with filtered-sunshine

An empty chair sits still

And you’re not there

You’re off dreaming in bed somewhere

I can’t believe you are mine

I sit here in disbelief

Feeling inadequate of ever being loved

I love the way you hold my hand

The way you reel me in next to you

No one has loved me like you

Every day is heaven in this dismal world

I am loved by you

Every moment is like a dream when I stand next to you

Released By Nuvole Bianche

Touching the deepest part of my mind

Bringing tears to rain heavenly from my soul

The sad girl inside escapes the prison of the thoughts holding capture-the truth

There are no dreams

There is no love to save you

There is no tomorrow

There is only now-this moment to feel without second-guessing oneself

To love from within-to breathe it out

To live amidst the living and the dead

Floating away from the river of regrets- no more

I heard love speak to my soul in the musical notes of a song

Released by “Nuvole Bianche”.