Mind F**k

There lies the confinement of your mind,
Barricaded in the self-inflicted boundaries,
Trapping your soul,
Screaming to be released and touched to receive the affection you adore,
Your eagle seeks to soar,
I feel you entering my thoughts creeping in on my dark side,
Seeking to penetrate my soft plum lips,
The ripe musky scent of your flesh intoxicates my madness,
I want to drink the sweetness,
Slurp your juices like a hungry whore,
Pull my hair and make me yours,
Summons me to come to you on your terms,
Touch my skin,
Ooh the tingles begin,
I’m begging you for more,
I’m craving and your craving,
It’s new to both you and I,
Though the thoughts are old as I’m here to get what I came for,
Your sadistic little harlot,
I’m crawling across the floor,
I’m on my hands and knees moving like a wild cat,
I see my prey,
I know what I’m after and it’s your mind,
I’m going to fuck both your thoughts and the part of you that’s mine.


My Madness

The mirrors are reflecting and I don’t like who I see,
Looking for you in every face that I meet in the streets,
You’re the shadow I see along the day,
Peaking out in all the walls,
Making your way,
You shot me with your poison,
Conflicted my soul with your disease,
Now there’s cancer destroying me,
It pains me inside,
Can I be saved today?
I need everyone to start to pray,
It’s haunting and I can no longer soar,
Laying in bed staring at the ceiling looking for the stars,
Searching for the answers whatever they are,
I’m sick, my stomach turned sour,
I keep condemning myself looking for the cure,
Though I’m lying to myself I’m sure,
I’m happy living with my monsters,
Torturing is my relief and the belief I deserve to be left in my hell,
Leaving myself to all the unnecessary madness,
Left as the cause of my own internal pain.

La Tua Cantante

There’s something about the look in his eyes,
Like a dark soul eluding outward,
I’m hypnotized,
I’m gagged, tied, twisting from the inside,
He’s raped my mind and I’m not scared,
It’s the dark magic making me think I am fine,
Slowly he allures me away,
It’s a mystery this mystical creature of the night,
Praying on my soul eating my kindness up,
La Tua Cantante, my blood sings to him,
Piercing black eyes and I know where the devil lives,
Close your eyes before it’s too late my heart cries,
Look away,
Look within to break the spell,
This is no ordinary man and he’s about devour my light.

Enter if you Dare

Come in a little closer without any fears or hesitation,
Take my hand and let’s explore what this is…a little flirtation,

Climb to the top of the mountain,
Swim out to sea,
Run through the woods,
Seek and you shall find me,

I’m the whisper to your thoughts,
The cross you wish to wear,
Finally it was heard,
Your last prayer,

The cream and sugar to smooth out the bitter stale coffee,
A shot of whiskey to add to your frisky,
The evening delight to hold you tight,
Darling I’m here do not fear,

I’ll hang the sign tonight,
Enter if you dare,
Look deep in my eyes and stare,
There’s no turning back from this love affair.

Little Black Art

I long for the words we exchange to be real,
Felt by the touch of each other rather than what my heart feels,
And what my mind sees,
Drifting off to sleep and you’re the last thought of the night,
The ache I continue to embrace needing you to hold me tight,
Something more concrete than the dreams of you and I,
The smile I can’t hide,
The thoughts we express are a delightful memory,
A haunted anniversary,
Embedded in my mind and stretched miles apart,
I volunteered and remain your little black art.

My Sexual God

Standing behind me I feel the warmth of your breath lighting up my senses,

The kiss behind my ear and the touch of your hands drinking me in,

My body responds with chills,

My knees begin to buckle at the thought of what is to become,

My soul begins to dance with yours,

Swaying to each caress,

Instinctively I turn and drop to the floor,

I begin to caress you my god,

My kiss I plant upon you,

The gentle flickers of my moist mouth,

Your divine taste intoxicates me,

High with the scent of your skin,

My soul is fed and I let you in.

The Garden of the Damned

Too much time tending the garden of weeds,
tossing the budding flowers mistaken for decayed seeds,

My mind is descended in a fog,
the alcohol raining on me,

I can’t promise you the moon and stars when I am at the mercy of the sun,
it’s my own little hell,
dancing in the parade of lovers lost,

Missing the love I’ve never known,
wishing on the wrong side of the penny I’ve been told,

Don’t waste your prayers on the damned and wicked,
there is no sanctuary for the love of fools,

I don’t want to let you down with your worries,
I can’t change who I am,

Back to my garden,
making a new patch of soil to try this again,

I’ll figure it out with a little rain,
some sun and a new plan.