The Linger of Dark Smoke

Some days the dark smoke lingers from my mind,
Intricately weaves in, and out,
Of my soul, and skin,
Penetrating my walls,
To poison my heart,
Sabotaging my thoughts,
Corrupting the happiness, and joy,
I cling one-handed off the jagged cliff,
It burns like rotting flesh on coals,
The smell nauseates to add to my despair,
I want to let go,
Fall into the romanticized hell that awaits with open arms,
To fuel the master-minded doubt of years past,
As the sweat beads off my skin,
My eyes narrowing,
I strain to squint,
Off in the distance,
There’s a sparkle,
Is it light?
Will my guardian angel save me tonight?
Everything seems as it is,
Everything seems as it never was,
My finger nails deepen into the breaking rock,
It’s becoming ash,
I wonder,
When I fall,
Will I awake to the nightmare?
Or has my future just begun?
Where do I really stand with you,
With me,
Nothing more than a facade,
I dangle helplessly,
At bay,
Waiting for you,
To save me.

Love Throughout the World

May my heart spread close and far,
Echoing to reach those dear and near,
And all beings of the unknown

I offer love, and hope,
From me to you,
So that you’ll never feel alone,
With an abundance of support, and strength

May my eyes guide you,
May you see beauty, and love,
In all walks of life,
The sky,
The trees

May my soul exude through your eyes,
Never to miss a moment of gratitude to be alive,
To give thanks for the richness,
Of things that cannot be bought

May my friendship link me to you,
And you to the next soul,
Around the globe,
United in love, and peace

We have the power to carry one another in any given moment,
To share joys,
To uplift when we are down,
To help one another in prayer,
And above else,
For more love to be found.

One Day I’ll Know

I miss what I do not know,
I miss things I’ve yet to see,
Or hear,
I miss the tastes of our mingled enchantment in the dueling hours of our fencing tongues,
Or the words that you’ve not breathed through the whispers in the night,
And the dances under the moonlight,
With the warm summer breeze,
Lights wrapped through trees dangling,
Embracing us,
Highlighting the flawless imperfections that we hide,
Making everything about us perfectly disguised,
I miss the sparkle in your eyes,
The magical smile that carries my soul to a blissful state of mind,
I weep in the stillness of the night,
In my dreams waiting for you to come alive,
Will I ever see the day,
That you never go away?
Only a brief kiss good bye,
Until you’re escorted back to me under night lights,
And traffic parades,
Will I one day know,
All the things I don’t not know now,
Where my mind, and heart keep your mysterious wonders under lock, and key,
In the memories of my scripted soul,
Where you’ll forever live in me.

To Love

The fear of letting yourself go to be held in someone else’s hands,
The fear of the unknown,
We dance around the avenues,
Contemplate how much we will let go of ourselves,
How much trust to display in our hand of cards,
Do I display the full deck?
Keep guard of my high ones?
Give my queen of hearts?
To bleed in your hands if you choose,
To guard with your loving soul,
Would you?
What do I have to lose?
To throw our heart to the risk,
The danger of losing our all,
It is there,
In the perils of love,
Where I lose my soul to you,
Where I am free to be who I am,
Give my all to you,
And in those precious moments,
Where I choose to be me,
I feel my new wings,
The way you hugged me,
I knew that I made the right choice,
I laid all 52 cards of me,
And I didn’t fold,
Allowing all to reveal what life has in store for me,
With you,
Where love, and life is a gamble,
And in the hand,
Stands no ruse,
No bluff,
It is just us two,
In a game where no one seeks to lose,
Where love is found, and won,
With you,
Two souls who understand what it truly means,
To love.

The Monstrous Beast

Everything about you,
Invites me in,
The way you smile,
The erotic way you smell to me,
The taste of your mouth,
The exotic way,
You fuck me,
My senses are inflamed,
I’m on fire,
Oh god what you do to me,
The bruises of passion,
I always seem to have to hide,
Daily reminders of the madness,
The wild animals we’ve become,
Where you are right,
This love can’t be tamed,
I’m going to close my eyes,
Listen to you sleep,
Waiting patiently until you’ve rested,
So I can tear you apart,
One more time,
To feed the beast,
You’ve created in me.


The morning light is peeping in,
All my thoughts are remembering,
Last night and yesterday,
I feel your breath dancing on my lower back,
I’m so caught up in you,
Wondering how the time just keeps moving,
I just want it to stop,
Just for a moment,
I want to keep soaking you in,
Keep sharing those beers,
All those cigarettes,
Getting drunk,
Laughing and kissing,
In between,
I still hear the band,
I’m reminiscing,
I don’t want to leave this moment,
Can’t wake you up,
Times gonna move,
Tomorrow’s going to come way too fast,
Where I’m going to start,
Missing you,


The sadness which dwells deep within,
Suffocates all things around me,
I’m broken and dismantled,
No one to talk to about the pain,
Discouraged to learn about the anxious pattern in which life has led me,
From a toddler,
A child,
Who had endured such an upbringing,
Struggling to find someone to hold,
Secure my mind and heart,
Feed my soul,
Years of walking down desperate heartbreak roads,
Not knowing the cause and effect,
The heart attacks,
Rivers of tears,
Of all those childhood years,
It damaged me,
Changed the way I love,
Made everything hurt,
But now I am the cause,
So I drown today,
In a bay of self-inflicted tears,
The affliction to soothe me,
Trying to fix the past,
Before it completely consumes me.