I Love You More-We Both Say

How do we measure our love?

From the chills that travel at the highest speeds from my toes to my scalp, when I think of you?
When you say something that warms my soul like hot chocolate on a cold winters day?
From the stars that dance behind closed eyes when our lips are locked and intact?
When all my thoughts repeat your name?

I say,
I love you more,
But you fight to say the same!

You claim your soul feels earth shattering echoes from mine as you stare across the universal plane,
I’m your nemesis,
Your kryptonite,
You are lost in my mad scientific ways,
You say you love me more

And I shout, “It will never be so!”

Even if I am your beginning and you are my end,
Our feelings of love will always feel unmatched,
For truly it’s an illusion,
We love one another just the same,
We are engulfed in fire, magic, lust, love, contentment-completely connected,
Our sparks ignite creative passion,
Searching for the competitive thrill,
To win

In the dead of the night,
Through our dreams,
There we are,
Swirling around together in the Cosmic realm,
Playing hide and seek.
Loving each other

In love’s game,
Parallel we stand,
Loving one another the same,
You hold the key,
I hold the heart,
I love you more-we both say.

Bend In Two

Did you feel me running?
Did see the trail of tears
Did you hear my heart screaming?
Did you smell the fear

I don’t know anymore
If I’m coming
Or going
I’m afraid to open my eyes
To view the world outside

I don’t know what is real
Or what is fake
I don’t know how I feel
I’m about to break

I feel like I’m alone
Yet told to speak
I don’t hear any words
Coming from the other side
How am I suppose to know my cue?

Why must it always be me?
Why must I carry us
Why must I be the one?
To bend in two?


His enchanted soul radiates love and devotion

Making love to my mind, body and soul

Passionately it becomes all-encompassing 
Breathing life into my every thought 
Filling me with a feeling of contentment 
No matter where we are
The warmth of his love reaches mine
I flutter and smile all the time
My blessed soul is charmed to receive such magic
Such love
A true, priceless gift 
Rare in this century today of on-line romance
And when my love dances back to reciprocate 
His love that I absorbed, intertwined with my own 
Showers him threefold

A Display of Love

His kiss bleeds passion
into my poetry and soul,
Leaving my life an ink well of hope 
and love,
Adding desire across the walls of my graffiti heart,
A painting of star-crossed lovers
in love,
In pain,
In art,
Displayed across infinite stars.