The Poet and her Muse

The partial souls of two childhood fools,
Pieced together,
One young at heart,
One dying to get old,
Equalling a completed soul

Their spirits dance effortlessly like Ginger and Fred Astaire,
With the passion of Romeo and Juliet,
An historical love affair

There was a sense of peace,
A calming,
A gentle breeze,
When these two paired

Amidst battles,
Both external and internal,
On both fronts,
Once these souls reconnected,
It all made perfect sense,
The fighting stopped

Living estranged,
Partially incomplete,
Love was an empty promise,
Life was a black hole,
Until these two locked eyes

Kissing is a dream,
His breath tastes like exotic candy,
He makes her tremble,
He makes her wet,
His eyes make up lost time

She soothes his chaotic soul,
Brings him to a level of serenity,
He longs to dip in her wine,
Taste the bread of life,
The right addiction to fulfill his needs

Love has sold it’s soul,
These two won’t compromise,
It’s time to play for keeps,
The poet and her muse

She is flying high under the influence of the most adoring soul,
Her muse,
His love steals her pain,
And replaces it with heavenly beauty

The stories left untold,
Crossing over to the dark side,
Standing with the devil and wine,
The passion of drinking blood

The playground for lovers new,
The sexiness they adore,
The worship of true love,
Oblivious to outside crimes

They are the best thing,
The best thing,
Erotic stories,
Love stories,
A collection of wrong doings,
Made right.


she’s an angel by day
crossbreed devil by night
taking flight tonight
with peppered wings
and a dangling halo

held together by discreet horns
mesmerizing little whore
a fallen angel
a dark star

“what’s it gonna take to get you over here”?
echoes from afar
the beauty of crossing over
two worlds
discover new ways
to be
who you are

play golden by day
white-winged bae
angelic little star
dance wild at night show your scars

star-crossed lovers
universally created
uniting all
black and white wings unite
hear your call

find true light
in the dead of night
under the moonlight

a chameleon of our time
angel by day
devil by night
got to be a chameleon if you want to survive
do you know your kind?

In the Void

The shadow lurks,
Chasing words,
Searching what is hidden between the lines

A slow dance,
No kind of romance,
It infuriates me,
Fueling poisonous venom

What lies behind things unspoken?
What truth gets denied?

I want to graffiti the walls,
Label the profanities,
Screaming from my head

Fuck the words,
Fuck the deadly dance,
Fuck the games people play,
I’m not going to look the other way

Where’s the courage of the shadow?
Taking refuge from the sun,
Refusing to display it’s own light

There stems the truth,
False strength,
In the void,
Somewhere lost between the reality and hell of fear.

A Pleasurable View

In the darkness of night,
In lieu of light,
I close my eyes,
I can feel your breath,
Ravish my scent

The heat of my flesh,
Droplets of passion,
Mixed with the chemistry of you,
The aroma of sex,
The faint musk,
I’m so into you

My sweet box,
Awaits your gift,
Tied together with love ribbons,
Our union

A present to the gods,
A pleasurable view,
Screaming profanities,
Belting your name

I roar,
And over,
You tend to me,
With unselfishness

Your pleasure,
Is my pleasure,
And together,
Intertwining our limbs,
The hours peak,
Only to rest,
And start again,
Against daybreak.

Everlasting Love

Days, weeks, months,
Can pass,
It will be comparable to seconds,
As no amount of time is lost,
Our love is infinite,
We have eternity,
Everlasting years,
To bond,
For the life we’ve always dreamed,
A tight,
Family unit,
Nothing stands in the way,
Of fate,
True love,
Soul mates.

With Bandaged Hearts

My blood is not of my blood,
The essence of you flows in my veins,
You are a part of my soul,
As I am part of you

When sadness dances,
And a tear runs down my cheek,
Your heart aches,
My blood runs rampant in you

Joyous days,
Each of our hearts race,
Exhilarating pace,
Love runs free

Two hearts,
One soul,
Love that cannot break

I feel as you feel,
You feel as I feel,
We dance respectfully

It is a blessing,
An honor,
Just to know,
We exist as one,
We are whole

My soul,
Your soul,
With bandaged hearts,
Fighting warriors,
Nothing can keep us apart.