Native American Prayer


336 Miles Apart

There’s magic in our conversations

336 miles apart

Your voice soothes me

I feel your soul

Like a calming sea in the distance viewed from the shore 

We are connected 

You are air

I am water

You remind me to breathe

I remind you to drink

We nourish each other’s soul

A stillness within my heart traces our boundaries 

I remember we stand 336 miles apart

Yet we are not

We always return to where we left off

Two creatures of the sea

Both near and far

Swirling, dancing, touching

Divided by a wave touching both sides of our heart

Interlaced by a body of water

Drifting together, drifting apart

Moving side by side

Fused by movement

A vision of peace and beauty

Sharing one heart

And I remember

You are air

I am water

Dancing in the sea

336 miles apart

Wonderful Dreams

It was a hazy day
On a late afternoon
The sun shined flecks of orange and gold
My whole body felt light and relieved
There he stood
My old friend hugging me good bye
Comforting me
As I started to let go
Turning my head down and away from the safety of his chest
Realizing I didn’t really want him to leave
I could feel my heart was trying to tug me back
He said, ” when will I see you again?”
Externally I froze
Internally I processed at rapid speeds
I looked up to say, “I’m here now,”
with a coy, half-crooked smile
He smiled back with a partial laugh
Our eyes met between our laughter
Then fate stepped in
His lips met mine
I felt my body melt into his
The softness of his tender kiss
The slowness I’ve missed
Our lips met for another
Three short breathless kisses
The kind I adore
I couldn’t feel my heart anymore
Exchanged in the heat of the moment
I presented him a gift
My heart was now his
My eyes opened wide
It was a dream
I wonder what this all means?
Other than just a wonderful dream.

what we could be

i pretend to feel nothing
to be numb
a false sense of reality
when i am eating
broken glass

i wash myself
with razor blades
dress my skin
with salt

i picture your face
when you ripped
out my heart

i miss your smile
and your laughter
when we pretend
what i thought was real

i miss my soulmate
i will miss
until the bitter end

i won’t call
or look
for you
in crowded

i won’t say your
but i will feel
you always
crying within me

i walked barefoot
a thousand
i looked for you each

i stumbled upon you
after three decades 
i couldn’t believe i never
knew when i first met you

my soulmate found
the heart of my heart
the soul of my soul
i cried in relief

a few years of
epic love
and the illusion
is gone

now i cry in grief
to be dissed for a
your other love

i will cry a thousand
more lives
dragging my cut up feet
bearing the loss of what we could be


Dragon Wolf

He led me down into the inferno, I felt my soul start to melt away

Left me to contemplate my idealist ways

I burned in disbelief

I had to survive succumbing to the prince of darkness for temporary relief

I drank from the poisonous vile of mistrust

Ate from the bowl of lies in disgust

Pretended to savor these memories knowing it was the last time

Reckless words became my fix – oh what a crime

Spitting fire wasn’t just for kicks 

I had to survive these lunatics

A hopeless romantic turned bitter sweet

Barb wire caged my heart from deceit

Nice thoughts shot me with burning darts

Reaching deep inside my heart

I fought to find my way back 

To the others of my pack

With the soul of a dragon and the heart of a wolf 

I’m stronger than the desire to love another fool

I Love You More-We Both Say

How do we measure our love?

From the chills that travel at the highest speeds from my toes to my scalp, when I think of you?
When you say something that warms my soul like hot chocolate on a cold winters day?
From the stars that dance behind closed eyes when our lips are locked and intact?
When all my thoughts repeat your name?

I say,
I love you more,
But you fight to say the same!

You claim your soul feels earth shattering echoes from mine as you stare across the universal plane,
I’m your nemesis,
Your kryptonite,
You are lost in my mad scientific ways,
You say you love me more

And I shout, “It will never be so!”

Even if I am your beginning and you are my end,
Our feelings of love will always feel unmatched,
For truly it’s an illusion,
We love one another just the same,
We are engulfed in fire, magic, lust, love, contentment-completely connected,
Our sparks ignite creative passion,
Searching for the competitive thrill,
To win

In the dead of the night,
Through our dreams,
There we are,
Swirling around together in the Cosmic realm,
Playing hide and seek.
Loving each other

In love’s game,
Parallel we stand,
Loving one another the same,
You hold the key,
I hold the heart,
I love you more-we both say.

Angel of Love

In the shadows of twilight, I casted flames to seal my soul from the loneliness of pain, enticing a contract with the devil. 

Then you emerged to snuff the flames with your light and love, with barely enough seconds left to spare my heart and soul, you are my angel of love.