The World is Wrong, Destiny Exists

They say it takes time,
To know someone,
Six months,
Eight months,
Two years,

It took all,
But five minutes,
To know,
He was the one,
I was the one,
I was his,
And he was mine

The world is cynical,
Jealous souls,
Trying to sabotage,
With black rain,
Shooting down on our parade

Content to be happy,
In a place of unhappiness,
They do no know love,
The know contentment,
Passion is missing from their hearts,
Desire seeps their souls,
Like acid rain,
Destroying the gift of love

Little do they know,
He really does move my world,
He shows me beauty in the darkest day,
He flattens mountains so I can have a magnificent view,
Sends me love letters,
His poetic nature,
With words that warm my heart

He gets me,
Gets me,
And desires to understand everything about me,
He hears my words,
Feels my heart,
Sees my gestures

We learn from one another,
Our life is such a blessing,
A modern day romance,
Truly romantic,
I feel like I’m straight out of a Jane Austen book,
He sees me as open volumes,
Waiting to be read

I miss him,
I smile,
And I hurt,
I glow,
And tears dance down my cheek

My lips miss his,
The desire to embrace,
My heart skips a beat,
Anxiously awaiting his electric shock,
To calm my inner turmoil of a love stirring restlessly adrift

The world is wrong,
Love can exist between two,
Two twin souls,
Destined to be,

With nothing but time,
Our minds can continue to explore,
Though our hearts didn’t need time,
Time stood still,
The minute we stood,
Soaked each other in,
And time stood aside,
Allowing destiny to take control.

My Cream Delight

I will never grow tired of looking at you,
Your eyes remind me of an endless river,
Wandering down a valley,
Of wild flowers and trees,
I want to get lost,
Where you find me with such ease,
I want to live in the world,
You move for me,
Where I dance,
And glide,
I find my flight,
In seconds,
Can’t you see?
It’s the magic instilled in me,
With a wave of my wand,
With sparkling flare,
Escaping the tip,
There’s magic in the air,
You follow me,
Just us two,
Little did you know,
You are the magic,
Moving me,
Your passion,
To take me,
Heats my soul,
Sends my animal instincts out of control,
We are one,
One of the same,
The light of my day,
My light in my night,
You’re my everyday,
My cream,

Life is Waiting

Life is waiting,
And I don’t want to miss a thing,
I don’t want to wake each day with regrets,
And I don’t want to miss the little things we haven’t done,
Or said

Or the kisses we haven’t shared,
The walks in the rain,
Barefoot, hand and hand,
Along the oceans watch,
Amongst the trees,
And trails,
Far and wide

It may be too soon,
But it’s okay,
You move my world,
And I haven’t been the same

If tomorrow doesn’t come,
I want you to know,
You’ve captured my heart,
My soul,
I love you so.

My Dragon

There in which sparks my passion,
Lies my heart,
My soul,
Keeps me liberated,
The fire,
Breathing in me,
You’re the dragon,
Burning the fury,
Wrecking havoc,
On my already,
condemned soul,
The chemistry,
I’ve longed for,
My passionate one,
Keeps my creativity juices,
I taste within my lips,
Passion fruit,
And the fine wine,
For my devilish soul.

Completely Vulnerable

There is no love,
like ours,
It is not forced,
It is not fake,
I love you,
Your soul,
Your flesh,
In which bounds your bones,
Your blood,
Flowing through your veins,
I love the essence,
and all the fibers that make you,
You are the the only man,
The only man I see,
The only man for me,
I am yours,
in every sense of the word,
and spiritually,
I cannot wait to be intertwined,
as one,
with you,
and my soul,
Where I lay,
The fear,
I cannot hide,
You’ll snuff,
My magnificent,
The beauty,
In which,
you’ve shined,
upon me,
so well,
I glow from the inside,
I realized our sexual compatibility,
the first time we kissed,
the second date,
teased me more,
And more,
than last,
The last time,
You were mine,
I’m dying for more,
I need to give myself,
to you,
My heart,
My soul,
all of me,
We are so natural,
It’s out of control,
I love the way you take possession,
Of me,
the way you pull my hair,
to kiss,
the way each kiss,
and makes love,
to me,
It’s fucking amazing,
I’m left,
You say to me,
“Life was waiting for us ”
And I think,
He has stolen my heart,
and soul,
and I am found,
when all I thought,
was lost,
I knew within in the first,
Five minutes,
I had to taste your kiss,
kiss your lips,
I wanted to feel your breath,
against me,
Inside me,
I wanted to touch you,
hold your hand,
I knew within the first five minutes,
I had waited,
a lifetime,
For you,
I wasn’t thinking of fucking you at that very moment,
I thought of fucking you,
I’ve never wanted to fuck,
Or kiss,
any guy,
Within minutes,
Of meeting,
It takes awhile for me to make some connection,
With you,
It was effortless,
I’m completely,
When it comes,
To you.

In Ecstasy

I get lost in your eyes,
They sparkle and I fly,
My heart soars like an eagle,
High in the sky

Dancing in the air,
With such strength,
And grace,
The freedom,
The power

My prey,
The desire to devour,
A delicacy

Like a savaged,
Hungry bird,
I swoop in,
To peck,
To bite,
To taste

Fill my void,
My hunger,
Of love,
The love living in your eyes,
Your heart

Addiction to your scent,
Your soul,
Your being,
Sets in

And I take flight,
To ride,
The sky,
In ecstasy.


Desperate to convey the feelings contained within my heart,
I search against the grain within my head,
I miss the moments left unsaid,
Time escapes the days ahead,
Missing you more and more,
My patience continues to test,
I endure time to reflect,
It took no more,
Than the first 300 seconds,
To know my love,
Was meant for you,
I searched,
And I dreamed,
Prayed to god,
For someone like you,
Your stature,
To find me,
In those first precious moments,
Your eyes burned my soul,
Left me charred,
Sealed your love within my heart,
I continue to pray,
Thanking god,
Asking him to forever,
Bind our souls,
To remain,
Magically transported,
To our infinite journey,
Of forever.