The Love Inside of Me

There is a deep woven sadness stirring,
bringing me to my childhood fears,
reliving and I am in tears,
for my past haunts my present,
and time manifests joylessly,
i am swimming in a cesspool,
and trying to hold my breath,
trying to see my way out of the muck,
before i drown in this mass decay,
a self-inflicted mess,
don’t you worry about me,
i will float,
i will not drown,
or succumb to the devil,
i will not bow,
i am self-cleansing all the things tormenting me,
grasping a new perspective to live,
for today,
releasing demons of the past,
that haunt my day,
it seems,
to chain me to this life,
the life killing me,
crying for the loss of my love,
my own love,
the love inside of me.


Hey…Hey…Hey…Go Away

Do you hear that?
Do you feel the shiver down your spine?
do you feel my love slicing you with a knife?

That’s my dark death,
black and white,
leaving you dry,
no more grey shadows to fill me in

No more stitches holding me in,
keeping me tied down,
to you,
to this mockery you call love

hey…fuck you…fuck you today…fuck you tomorrow…fuck you yesterday
go away…

Don’t go chasing me in a few days,
don’t go wondering where I am,
i cut me too,
cut my heart out,
just for you

Just for me,
it’s all the same,
no more grey,
no more shadows to pencil me in

hey…fuck you…fuck you today…fuck you tomorrow…fuck you yesterday
go away…

I don’t need your sympathy,
I am not the doormat to your bed,
the little Jezebel,
whoring around just for you

fuck you
no more bleeding heart,
no more blood-filled tears filling my eyes blind,
no more shadows to dance in.

shhh, can you hear that?
do you hear the silence?
that is my silence whispering,
fuck off

I have no more time for cowards,
who awaken love,
only to take it away,
hey…fucking coward,
go away.

Fallen to this Fuckery

Love comes forth with such fury,
Sometimes I’m blinded by love’s mask,
I’m caught in this trickery,
Dodging a display of false arrows,
From Cupid’s bow,
I protect thee heart from the poison,
They are not lead,
They are not gold,
Black venom I am told,
And I fall to my enemy,
Dying a true death for my heart,
For I’m a honorable soldier,
Fallen to this fuckery.


Let Me Enchant You Too

I feel you in my thoughts,
Touching me,
Undressing the layers,
Of my soul

I feel the tender kisses,
Lightly feathering,
Inhaling every part of me

The smile creeps across my face, When I’m alone,
Is the reflection of yours in my make-believe mirror,
It’s enchanted

Let’s turn it up,
Let me be mesmerized,
Here with you,
Let me enchant you too.

A Thief of Hidden Treasures

We said good bye,
In the wee faint morning hours,
And I awake still tied to you,
Trying to grasp what’s left of my visual jewels,
I didn’t want to say good bye to the night,
And I don’t want to forget a second of your kiss,
Or the way your hands glided,
And worshipped my hips,
The way I marveled in your aroma,
The taste,
The heavenly addiction,
I have with you,
And I will come masked to steal your sleep,
I’m the thief of hidden treasures,
Secretly planning the heist,
Of you.

Hold Me

I feel the cool fluttered rush through my skin,
Compared to a fall breeze,
No sweater to warm thee,
From your presence,
Here with me,
The chill of a ghost,
A reminder,
Of the love,
That haunts me,
The warm,
Single tear,
Runs down my cheek,
To warm the cold,
Of today,
You’re not here,
Holding me.

Digital Courting

Blushing cheeks,
With a rose colored glow,
Sparkling soul,
Shinning in her eyes,
Love dashing across her sky,
A marvelous boy wonder,
Flying by,
And she contemplates,
Modern day romance,
In it’s modest,
Digital form,
Gone are the days of traditional courting,
She longs for.