Completing the Greatest Love Story of our Time

Woven essence,
stitched in gold,
intricately seals our love,
two souls bound,
for an infinite journey

For the mythical gods have blessed,
sent a gift,
something magical,
to steer the road

It is no wonder,
that we stand here today,
in awe,
to have such a blessing lighting our way

To find no defeat,
in the battles,
for which we have faced,
risen above the hate,
bathing gracefully

We will walk not alone,
but with our strength,
and family

Through the horizon,
tied with everlasting love,
and a guiding spirit,
pushing us to carry on

We accept this gift,
with loving arms,
to hold,
protect and shelter from the storms,

With faith,
we share the divine union brewing,
completing the greatest love story of our time.

Will you be my Friend?

And so I asked the fair chap sitting on the bench,
will you be my friend?

Would you listen to the stories about my past,
my dreams, my goals, my fears?

Would you listen without judgement?
Support me despite being reluctant to speak,
your opinions,
your own fears,
your own doubt,
to tarnish me?

I want to share some happiness,
glow in the moment,
I don’t want to regret for a moment,
sharing joys,
then feeling the warm piss of your pessimistic view leaving me red, blue,
angry and sad,
wiped from the friend I never had

Will you be a full course meal?
not just an appetizer,
or drink,
will you stay for dessert,
even if it becomes burnt?

And perhaps I will seek your thoughts,
when I am leery of my own,
but until then,
let me own,
just sit here and support me through

I wish to not fear,
what I can and cannot say,
I want to have the beauty of a bond,
I wouldn’t have it any other way

So I ask you here,
in this park,
can you be that friend?

The one who doesn’t turn,
face away,
reflecting negativity,
of a bitter soul captured in envy

Ah, and for a moment,
I give thought to a wish,
for ideally,
it is rare

Rare to find these souls,
where they mirror,
transcendent light,
in a protectiveness,
only true hearts,
true souls,
true friends,
sometimes only us strangers and soul mates know.

Homesick and Dying

I love the smell of pink jasmine in late winter, early spring,
The blossoms aroma captivates me,
The vines grow rapid and free,
They make me homesick,
I long for cozy nights,
Hanging lanterns,
Flickering lights,
Soothing sounds from the water fountain,
Meditating on the reflection of our home,
This place,
The wondrous Mother Earth,
It mirrors a day,
Of yesterday’s past,
When everything was so carefree,
I thought it would last,
The rivers are drying,
The Arctic is floating away,
Save the polar bears,
Sea levels are rising,
The sun,
The dying star,
Creating paralyzing heat,
And like motionless cats,
People just stand by,
Doing nothing,
Acting the same,
Eat less meat,
Clean up the pollution,
Save water,
Stop wasting food,
Do something,
The days are hotter,
We are missing fall,
Only seeing two seasons,
Summer and winter,
This isn’t any fun at all,
California days,
Where did they go?
It’s almost November,
It’s still 91 degrees outside,
We are drying out like beef jerky,
With no fall colored leaves,
Where is the push for discovering natural resources?
The ocean,
The air,
The sun,
Make it come from some where,
Diseases running rapid from afar,
No cures,
People are dying,
The government fighting wars,
That will mean nothing,
Just get along!
Once our planet collapses,
In retaliation,
For neglect and abuse,
With no one to blame,
But ourselves,
Are killing us all.

What Life Once Was

Lost in the stillness
On a path
Venturing the distance
Leading with my backside
With nothing in view
Only miles and miles
Of shades of lemon and tangerine
A mirage of lemonade
A refreshing taste of yesterday
It covers my eyes
It gets real
I am locked inside my mind
Dancing with the devil
Sipping the poison
Breathing the blackness
Barricaded in the confines of self-inflicted emotional abuse
Why doesn’t the sunshine rescue the helpless?
The emotional
The insecure
The lost
The colors
They cloud
Paint an image of peace
They should heal
Give hope
Why don’t they bring happiness to my mind?
Breathing fresh air
I’m outside
Dancing with the devil
The allure
No holy test
To secure a place in the soul
To save the tortured
Damage has already occurred
I sold my soul to the devil
Damn the need to walk across to the other side
To view the greener grass
The artificial turf
Trickery of the source
When vulnerability captures the weakness
My sunshine starts to bleed
Turning grotesque red
I feel the heat
I’m dying
In the bottomless pit
Where tomorrow never comes
And today stands still
And yesterday is lost
A forgotten memory
Of what life
Once was
Before darkness stepped in
Stripping away the little bit of happiness
Why didn’t I just hold on?

Only Heaven Knows

I walked with you down the pebbled, dusty road,
I found myself praying to you

hold my hand,
hug me tight,
shower me with your words of wisdom,
under the heavens,
here on earth

It’s not fair,
I mourn the loss of you

dear god,
why did you take only father I knew?
I know,
don’t remind me I am grown,
I miss my grandfather,
only heaven knows

I pray for guidance,
For protection,
A bit of faith,
Our life is about to change

oh I know it will all be fine,
what I would give for just an outside look,
a little reassurance into the future,
a vision of health,
of joy

Miracles happen every day,
Just to wake up breathing is a day of grace

to have love,
a hand to hold,
someone to cup your fears,
and drink them away

Maybe I should have paid more attention in church,
Maybe I should have found one faith,
The rebel in me,
Always looking for something new

I have love,
I have the universe by my side,
stars guiding my life,
my twin flame,
my combined family

The selfish little girl in me,
Wishing by some big miracle,
My grandfather could still be here with me

the divine,
the belief,

You are always here with me,
In my heart,
My thoughts,
Holding me,
Only heaven knows.


The beauty of a rosebud
Waits to bloom
The art of patience I do not know
A freshly planted seed
I wait so patiently to see it sprout
To grow
To absorb the sunlight
To inhale its floral scent
To watch it slowly come alive
I pace and I pace
I walk this faint line
Damn the wait
I sigh
Please blossom
I whisper a delicate cry
What will the outcome be?
How many more days to confirm the growth?
This life?
The space of mind, body and soul
Fills me endlessly
The beauty of a rose
Love encompasses the stem
The leaves
And thorns
In me
In you
In us
The beautiful journey has begun

The Remains of Me

My peach tree shook when you kissed me,
And you drove my roots deep,
The turmoil,
I couldn’t speak,
You uprooted my soil,
My peaches began to fall,
Rolling around at your feet,
I saw,
Stacking high,
You want to eat,
Oh my, oh my,
Splitting open the juiciest one,
The ripest part of me,
Loosening my pitted core,
You tease,
I scream,
Oh my god,
Oh my god,
I slam more peaches to the floor,
Looking deep in my eyes,
Satisfaction released,
Still dancing,
With your gathering fruit stick inside,
Bursting open,
Splitting my pit,
I shot the remains of me.