Love That Mystifies

Love that is reciprocated,
tied with giving,
and the beauty of meeting in the middle,
is truly a gift,
from the universe,
our gods,
and the stars,
my love,
my one and only,
Is my gift,
a blessing,
and to say I’m lucky to have been bestowed such a wonderful gift,
is truly an understatement,
and there is no word strong enough,
to express the gratitude that truly captures what our love means to me,
I will always love him,
he’d have to be stripped from my soul,
because he is intertwined,
in every fiber that is the essence of me,
and with each breath,
our love strengthens,
bonds tighter,
and through misunderstandings,
our love deepens,
love is revolving,
constantly evolving,
as life’s challenges continue,
to never stay under control,
and through each and every day,
there is peace in my soul,
and in my inner smile,
my outward glow,
our love,
our one beating heart,
continues to mystify us all.

Drown the Theory

My desire to write and my motive to find no words to share,
Weigh heavy on my mind,
I’d like to sit here in my solitude,
Feel the cool breeze offset the hundred degree heat,
And drown out the thoughts screaming to be heard,
But soul will have nothing to do with my mania,
So I write,
And tell the story of the thoughts,
I fight,
Within the deep pain,
I struggle to make sense of the feelings that I associate with the pouring tears that burn my heart,
Like an open salted wound,
That flickers more anguish with each tear,
Trying to make sense of what is real,
And what is not,
Does my over analytical mind
construct a theory that is untrue?
Or does my theory prove the illusion of desires that shadow truth?
And in the deafening silence,
Do I truly exist?
Are the thoughts pure?
Is there merit?
How does one pick apart illusions of reality and hold the reality out of illusions?
I need to swim in the sea of wine,
I need to float on drunkenness where I drown the theory,
Numb the pain,
And seek the sunrise of another day.

Weeping Willow

Spinning in the clouds,
Daydreaming about love,
I failed to see,
There wasn’t stable ground,
Under me

And I fell,
Lying on my back,
Stunned by the shock,
How could this be?

It feels like I’m in secure arms,
I try to find my smile,
Gritting through this pain,
Drinking in the facade,
Only to settle in the truth of the illusion,
Thinking my beloved had saved me

Quickly the veil of deception lifts,
And I am bound to something other than you,
I lie here trapped in the roots of a weeping willow tree

Bracing the only thing left,
Of this almost empty shell,
Once a loving host to my soul,
I’m slowly dying in this silence

Succumbing to realization of this invisible notion,
That I’m nothing more than the dirt,
Lying under this weeping willow,
Crushing what’s left of me.


If are lucky enough to have found love, give wholeheartedly without expectations, without selfishness, love unconditionally, make everyday a day to remember; and there are days we will have our faults, but apologize and set forth again. If you are not giving of yourself, you are not loving the right way or the right one. Your partner should mirror back the same loving conviction, and if love is an empty box, look inside and start loving within.

Street Lights

The last thing I remember I was driving up the street,
Feels like it was a just a minute ago,
Now it’s time for me to go,
Time rushes through when it’s just me and you,
Crawls like a turtle the next six days out of the week,
And all I can do,
Is snatch that mental note,
Adding to my book of our memories,
I stay fixated on your smile,
Remembering it was the first thing I saw as I walked up the street,
Your smile expands so wide,
My heart and soul smiles back at you not once, but twice,
The rest of the day is blurred,
And gone away,
I stand there missing you and you’re still here,
Standing next to me,
Screaming inside for time to start standing still,
I don’t want to drive home alone,
Climb into my empty bed,
Without you there,
And a rush of sadness washes over my face,
Quickly I bury my cheeks to your chest,
Hiding my colorless skin,
Stone washed porcelain,
Where’s my glow?
I know I can’t pretend,
You’re on to me,
You’re saddened too,
Struggling to find the words,
Where we block the word good bye,
Kissing under the street lights one last time.


I remember your gallivanting ways
Never was I one to see the day
Watching off to the side like a breeze that glides by
Rustling your hair and I bet you heard a faint sigh

I missed the sun glisten off your skin
The ocean mist highlighting your kiss
And the dances in the rain

The years passed so quickly like the breath that escapes my lips
Memories of the unknown
Haunt the dreams between dreams
I can’t find

Now you see me and I see you
Captured in each others sparkling, glowing web
And neither of us wants to leave
Feeding our souls with each others wine and bread

I miss the days that I do not know
But thankful to have missed the runaway days
The days where I would have been lost and left behind
Wandering down a drain of last nights whiskey sour

To young and not yet wise
Our spirits had to grow
Had to explore and feel the pain
Dispose of the toxins rotting our brains

Today we dance in the rain
Kiss under the moon
Smile like endless fools
Lost in the love once gone astray
Rekindled today
To last the infinite years
That lies ahead

This Hopeless, Romantic Girl

I reminisced through the thoughts of our past,
I scrolled through thousands of messages,
Months, and months of our endless texts

Love sick puppies,
How we must appear to be,
To anyone who sees the way you light up me,
The shade of blush,
A red rose color brushes my cheeks, and lips,
The porcelain glow

And as I reread,
You touch every piece of me,
My heart skips yet another beat,
Triple beats from yesterday,
And I found myself more madly in love

I felt my heart,
Crashing, burning, escaping,
And yet saved,
Through the pictures, words, and love you bring

Protecting me,
Saving me,
Breathing new life into my broken soul,
My battered heart

I died a thousand deaths,
Waiting, and waiting,
For the love,
Your love

To rescue,
This hopeless,
Romantic girl.