Summertime Sadness Series #8

Open and delete- Repeat

Open and delete  -Repeat

Robotic just like the love I received 

Delete, delete, every memory-Your image no longer exists to taint my heavenly view

Summertime Sadness Series # 7

A familar passage of ale now tastes foul

Its soothing appeal lost

Similar to the taste of the many wrong men I’ve endured

Bitter love lingers now

Summertime Sadness #5

I do not dare to find a new release,

for I find myself doomed in all illusions of love

I am ruined not from love, 

but from the falseness of what I imagined love to be

Summertime Sadness #4

Winter blues in July

I stand still, facing a wall of solitude 

Boxed in by a world of masterminds 

            The art of lies

Winter blues, winter blues, winter blues in July

Summertime Sadness #3

My pen’s ink now bleeds soot

Words of love lost

Now I scribble images of a singed forest that I must cross barefoot to find solitude and escape from the fuckery of life