Where is my warrior, my lord, my god?

Desire and passion
Just the mere thought brings me to my knees
Arms held overhead
My body against the wall
The heat of his breath whispering against my neck
His right knee gently wedged between my thighs pressing firmly against me
The ecstasy being in that moment of energy
I sigh…
Those are the thoughts that haunt me
The way his scent intoxicated me
He was the lover before last
He was a universal love
Where we made love in the clouds underneath the stars
Yet the strength of his kiss missed the erotic touch I missed
If I could take his pleasure and mix it with another
One who kisses of fire and desire
I would have the perfect lover
The last lover tragically missed
The orgasms were there, but the kisses too wet to maintain a spark!
I Want
I Need
I want to feel my heart gasp
I want my stomach to fall
I need to be on the cusp of fainting and screaming for more
I crave a warrior
I want him to tear my goddess walls down
Chip away inch by inch with a fiery kiss
To turn my world upside down
To bring me to my knees
To weep of erotic joy
To take me back to the stars
With the moon as my guard
Where I belong
I need to feel loved and desired
So I ask…
Where is my warrior, my lord, my god?


Shame On Me

It is through the loving energy provided by friends from around the world

that I am able to see past the pain and hurt-I see my importance

I see I am valuable

I had forgotten who I was, allowed myself to take the back seat to the ‘insignificant human being’ you screamed vicious words about

I allowed myself to be vulnerable in love, to give every bit of my soul

I lost sight of my hopes and dreams

Though I am hurt and tears find me throughout the day

Where panic attacks make me wish I’d never loved

I do see the wisdom that has been bestowed

I see the courage of a man is to awaken such love and to provide protection of his woman’s heart- I see where I was allowed to fall and bleed

I see where passion was empty of love

I see where complacent love set in

I see where addictions were denied and an abundance of excuses to the questions I asked, “why?”.

I see why I felt I was not good enough

I now see I was not first in the eyes of another

I see where loving someone with no empathy shames me

Though shame on me for not seeing through the veil of deceit

Shame on me for allowing myself to be used

Shame on me for not viewing my worth

No more shame, I am choosing to be first



With Red Eyes

Baby baby baby
You just don’t know what you do to me
There’s another person living inside of me

Better run over to our church
Grab a priest
Daemons have me thinking wild thoughts
He needs to bless me

There is this secret I can’t keep
There’s this hidden desire
Chasing me
It’s making me want to do
Bad things

Every time you’re pressing your fingers down
Digging into me
Convulsions take over my mind

I’m hypnotized
My pagan ways resurface
Returning me
The goddess of desire begins to baptize me
In a pool of wine

There is this secret I can’t keep
There’s this hidden desire
Chasing me
It’s making me want to do
Bad things

I want to punch you
Slap the erotic right out of you
Let me kiss you fiercely with red eyes

Baby baby baby
You just don’t understand
Maybe you do
Maybe you’re the god of sexual longing
Making me your fool

Let me scream out your name
Let me ride your dragon
Let me inhale your flames
Let me go out of my mind

I don’t want to keep this secret
I want to punch you
Slap the erotic right out of you
Let me kiss you fiercely with red eyes

(The photo is a negative taken by my friend Deisi of me the other night)

Your Gift, My Soul

Looking back
Through the window of rewind
Taking me back to the other night
I stare through the looking glass
I watch with wide eyes
My heart a wild mare
Desperate to record
The images
The sounds
The intensity increases
And our sweat glistens
Diamonds decorate our sheets with our jewels
You begin to whisper
The words
So many
Many words
The things you say to me
While you are ravishing my maddening flesh
I cannot translate all of this
I must savor some
I will share this
When you ask me to pour my essence for you
Over your magical wand
And again
And again
An abundance of your prized cocktail
Flows an endless river of love
You make my soul scream
You seduce my mind and body
Leaving my soul in your command
I can’t resist you
I have to have more
And more
And more
I have to lose complete control
I need to give you your gift
My soul

Committed Carnality

Faded sweetness
washed away
salivating soul
crawling seductively
come and please me

Fanciful rapture
heated ecstasy
the tingles
perkiness brushes against my cloth

More, more, more
my patience runs thin
I need you here and now
I need to breathe
taste you in

in our cocoon
foolishly safe
hidden souls
whispered lust

Committed heart
handed over
in eroticism
shimmers in our greed

Passionate love
I need you now
I need you now
I need you now

My crooked smirk
I’m hungry
lost each time
I look deep in your soul

My screaming spirit
oh my darkest angel
the desire
no one knows
cursed by those eyes

over and over
I beg for no mercy

Keep me

passionate souls
a committed carnality

Drunken Vulnerability- The Lion’s Den


He gazed upon my weakness
In full seduction
I lay
A lamb
Sacrificing my flesh
To a lion
My lion
Underneath the wine
I lay my meal
On the sheets
While he masks his desire
Behind the lens
To capture his prize
My voluptuous ass

The Remains of Me

My peach tree shook when you kissed me,
And you drove my roots deep,
The turmoil,
I couldn’t speak,
You uprooted my soil,
My peaches began to fall,
Rolling around at your feet,
I saw,
Stacking high,
You want to eat,
Oh my, oh my,
Splitting open the juiciest one,
The ripest part of me,
Loosening my pitted core,
You tease,
I scream,
Oh my god,
Oh my god,
I slam more peaches to the floor,
Looking deep in my eyes,
Satisfaction released,
Still dancing,
With your gathering fruit stick inside,
Bursting open,
Splitting my pit,
I shot the remains of me.