After the Rain

There are no words,
no love,
no display of emotion,
That you feel for me,
I’m the warm body,
for your display,
To tinkle,
To mold,
To have a hand to hold,
When you’re craving me,
you keep me lingering,
With your grip,
Under broken chains,
Only to tease me,
waiting to express love,
until you’re about to lose me,
then you return me,
to wither and die,
in the sun,
like an earth worm,
caught after the rain.


Learn to Swim

There are the days of endless wonder,
the days to which I fear,
i fear myself,
i fall into the empty state of numbness,
become nothing,
nothing at all,
i seek to drown in a river,
even if the river is alcohol,
but I float instead,
for the drowning will not end,
the misery of my soul,
it will carry on,
there is no end of spiritual suffering,
it is infinite,
until I learn to swim.

I Feel Shame

I do not want to gaze into the sea,
Where marine life used to be,
Where my visions of hopes laid endlessly,
I don’t want to walk into the empty forests,
Where the wolves used to roam free,
And hear only what’s left of the silence of god’s pets,
The beauty of the pack,
And strength of what once stood,
I’ll never have the chance to step foot on the North Pole,
But I’m saddened the polar bears are starving,
Floating on the chipped blocks of ice that are withering away,
Extinction is inevitable in some walks of life,
I understand,
But I don’t know why,
I don’t know why we must watch,
and do nothing,
To help,
To stop,
To do our part,
To keep intact,
Our oceans,
The wildlife,
The rainforest,
African wildlife,
All walks of life,
To do nothing,
Has no name,
Other than a soulless,
Of a human,
I feel shame.


You stand there before me,
Watch me bleed,
Falling to me knees,
Crumbling to a fraction of dust,
Asking the questions of why,
Why aren’t you good enough?
Why can’t you exceed my expectations?
I lie there dying in my wounds,
A smaller portion of me,
An echo of once where I stood,
Crying you don’t understand the magnitude of your dismay,
The unrealistic ideas and theories of me,
Of small minds,
Let me go from your chains,
There are no explanations,
No words,
To ever come my way,
So you can understand the ignorance you display.

Love Disguised In Our Eyes

It was a moment in time I knew would flash before my eyes,
The second you kissed me,
The way my heart skipped,
It ran,
Fleeted off,
And left,
To hide,
Though I thought,
Wonderfully surprised,
It was actually love,
Love recording,
For I wake,
From the dreams of you,
My heart returning,
In the wee morning hours,
Of my hearts content,
To return to that kiss,
To feel every second,
I thought I missed,
Longing to dance in your mouth,
A minute more,
The flutters in my heart,
I feel,
I adore,
The pleasures felt,
Another second,
With you again,
I trace your face with the imagines,
That kept,
The beauty in your face,
Your eyes,
The ecstasy I remember,
Magnifies through closed eyes,
Seeing inside,
I trace your face,
In the wee morning hours,
And picturesque,
I see the vein pulsating in your neck,
Pleasure from the deep-seated wrinkles around your eyes,
The wisdom telling stories,
Of our lives,
There is love,
My heart reads,
Keeps me yearning,
For the moments that flash again,
Before my eyes,
Where we come alive,
To keep recording,
Sharing stories of love disguised,
In our heart,
and in our eyes.

The Destruction of Me

May 12, 2012

I took a breath,
and breathed you in,
captivated by just a smile,
the look in your eyes,
beautiful soul,
amazing light casted upon you,
an angel in disguise,
guardian perhaps,
never less,
a light,
i shall close my eyes,
and inhale the essence,
of a soul who has captured me,
in more ways than I care to admit,
to anyone,
other than my thoughts.

Red Wine

I sip the wine,
I taste the red juice,
My tongue tingles,
I taste the wine again,
Your wine,
My wine,
Our wine,
I am thirsty again,
I pour another,
My desires increase,
We foolishly indulge in more,
I weaken,
My senses awakened,
I long for the deep richness to sweep again,
Brush your lips across mine,
Taste the divine,
The wine superbly fine,
Entwined in the treat,
Our loving so sweet,
I helplessly succumb to you.