Saying Good Bye to Logan Wells

Dear young soul,
Logan Wells,
I said good-bye today,
Celebrated your young life,
Amongst many,
How you made me cry,
You’re an angel,
I saw your light,
Watched you soar with the hawks,
While I drove by,
And I cried and I cried,
How you touched me,
I was not blessed to know you before,
I came to know you after your passing,
And I felt your presence as I wrote through you,
For your family and friends,
Painted your story,
For you,
Said the words,
I heard you say,
It touched everyone,
Still I’m not sure how you came to me,
How you talked to me,
You have blessed my life,
After yours,
From the other side,
You have touched me,
And I will never be the same,
I saw your smile,
I saw the sparkle in your eyes,
Through my thoughts,
And your presence,
That night.


To Yen the Answers of Life

Life is funny,
Often at times I wonder,
Are we truly just a big show?
Do we suffer,
Do we dance,
Who do we laugh for?
Are our lives scripted,
To act,
For another’s display?
Are we under a gigantic arena,
Where powerful gods watch,
For humor?
Perhaps they are actually aliens,
Who after time get bored,
Destroy a few lives,
Spice up this game of life,
So I ponder,
I yen,
Who do I dance for?
What is life?
Why are we here?
Sparks the questions,
Sometimes I search for,
And I yearn the answers,
To know,
I still give life my all,
No matter the true game,
What lies on the other side?
Of the prize?
I will not allow defeat,
To touch my soul.

Last Kiss

Words and phrases send the greatest seduction,
if they’re expressed just right,
if they find a way to describe,
a picture,
a painting,
of inside your mind,
and it is the gift of your talents,
that marvels me,
the way your words seduced me,
in your strength and destruction,
that has left you weak,
a slave to me,
with chipped armor,
though in your weakness,
i will make you strong,
together our armor will prevail all,
our intertwined souls,
high on each other’s drug,
is perfection,
the way you describe,
and your biggest fear,
the lack of my kiss,
will never see the day,
until my last breath,
takes me forever,

Our Hearts, Bound, Beating as One

I can hear the cars drive by,
The way the water hits the wheels,
It sounds,
Yet boring,
The splatter plays out a dragged out song,
Spinning to the beat of a circling car,
I imagine those who envy,
Hear the same,
I long to listen,
To the sounds,
Of rain beating under our umbrella,
I want to hear the rain sing to us,
With you,
Where I feel warm,
Where the drops of rain,
Will sing a different tune,
Where water will trickle from our tied hearts,
The protection,
You bear,
It will beat like a fierce,
Jungle drum,
Warning the strangers,
You are here,
My cherished warrior,
Protector of our love,
Of your porcelain princess,
Claiming me,
Singing to all,
Who dare,
Our true love,
It’s protected,
With both our beating hearts,
Strumming to the rain drops,
Yet violently,
Do not come here,
To try and shame,
Do not try to dry the moisture,
With negative sunlight rays,
For your hope of our demise,
To see our love wither away,
From all the hidden jealousy,
Of years,
Of your missed love,
The love that resonates in everything,
In the rain,
Dancing around true love,
Our hearts,
Beating as one.

Symbolic Death

In passing,
Whispered words,
Seemingly so innocent,
To you,
Wreck havoc on me,
Like a self-destructive time bomb,
A simple planted seed,
Digs deep,
Settles in the ash,
Builds in the dust,
Waiting to explode,
And tear apart,
I can’t help but take unintended words,
To bash in my head,
To belittle myself,
To tear myself down,
From years of abuse,
Pain lingers,
Waiting to be triggered,
By me,
If not you,
Like a drug withdrawal,
Abuse that goes stale,
Manifests without healing,
And the violin starts to play,
The music of the past,
The past that never heals,
When the dust stirs unsettled,
By thoughts,
They start flowing steadily,
In my head,
And I wish,
I was dead.

The Treats You Feed

behind the walls of our den,
where lovers come to taste,
to eat,
to arouse the impeccable senses we shield,
do we dare tell?
of the devils house?
your black eyes,
gleaming red,
where my angelic veil lifts,
my locks cover only my breasts,
i dance in a sheer mental sheath,
i sway to your scent,
selling my soul,
bring me to my death,
my cheeks flushed,
your mark planted,
the crown of my scalp,
I swell,
ready to yield,
to your forceful kiss,
ooh, you take me so well,
my devil,
i come to you under this enchanted spell,
you take me on a journey,
an erotic adventure,
behind the walls,
the secret meet,
where no one knows,
the treats you feed.

The Earring

Tucked in the corner counter of the kitchen,
My arms wrapped around your neck,
Yours ravishing my hips,
My waist,
Your fingers deeply running up my back,
Squeezing me,
Our bodies pinned against each other,
Making an indention into the ceramic tiles,
On my counter top,
Our chemistry rises,
It’s after midnight,
The steamy kisses making my internal passion scream,
Your mouth leaves mine,
Turns my earlobe into your play ground,
Closing my eyes,
Floating into the state of ecstasy,
My eyes roll back,
The sweet moan,
Slowing down my breath,
You stop,
Stare into my loving eyes,
Command me to open my hand,
Puzzled I do as I’m told,
You place delicately a studded pearl earring and back piece in my hand,
I am paralyzed looking down,
Gasping to speak,
I’m speechless,
With the talent of your tongue,
Lies my earring from the top corner of my left ear,
Tightly buried,
Barely seen,
Now lies in my palm,
Oh my,
Oh my god,
Escapes my lips,
The sheer excitement,
What’s to come?
Of your skilled tongue,
Your secret weapon,
Sends my mind adrift,
Of the places,
Yet to explore,
With my fascination fixated on the trick of my earring laying in my left hand,
I walk away,
Still thinking,
No way.