White T-Shirt and Blue Jeans

I deleted all your pictures today
All of the ones of you and me
I was holding on to a few
The ones that use to save me and get me through
Now I’m setting those memories free
Forgetting who we used to be

Should’ve deleted them sooner
When there was no more future
Maybe I didn’t want to erase you out of hate
Maybe I was waiting for my first blind date

There’s finally peace saying good-bye
There’s no more tears to wipe from my eyes
There’s never gonna be a missed telephone ring
No more messages or words to hang on to pretending to be the real thing

A straight up mockery
Your love games
Makin foolish girls dream
While you pretend to catch their hearts
Leaving us to fall apart

There’s no reason to hold on to the past
There’s no reason to keep looking in the rear view mirror trying to make it last
I’ve got to keep my eyes on the road
Keep looking forward to the one I’ve been searching for

Come heaven or hell
He’s out there ringing some sort of bell
A gentleman waving and waiting for me
He’s got on a white t-shirt and blue jeans
He’s out there looking for me

I’ll be looking for him
I’ll be hollering to the wind
Whispering honey ima coming
Just stand still
Keep waving those hands
I’m gonna find you through the thick and the thin

I’ll be moving on up
You’ll be watching the way I keep steppin it up
The beauty with break-ups
There is always someone else waiting to hold the door open
And closing it behind us as you follow me
As you watch the loss of a good thing
Me standing in the arms of a gentleman with a white t-shirt and blue jeans

Dark Days

I am weathering the storm
Embracing for much more
It’s gonna get worse before I’ll see the sun
I know I know I’ve done this before
How many more dark days
How many more dark days can I take

I’m walking around personalized rays of sunshine
The cloud swarms over me it is dark and vicious
Everyone around me has the sun’s gleam in their eyes
I’m holding a giant umbrella protecting the rain from my eyes
How many more dark days
How many more dark days to shake

I’ve made amends
I’ve gone ahead and made peace with forgiveness
I’ve been trying to feel blessed
I keep standing in the shadow that hides from the light waiting to be pulled into the sunshine
How many more dark days
How many more dark days how many more dark days

To Believe

I see my path it tastes so sweet

I’m lit up like the 4th of July

I’m happy for the first time

I’m living the dream

It is just that, it is a dream

A mental mirage

A faint weep can be heard if you stand close enough to me

Be careful I warn

My feet are stuck in cement

An illusion created out of fear

You know, the ones the dream makers forewarn of?

Tied by the mental ropes

I struggle to get free

To live the reality I dream

This darn fear

It has a hold on me

If I open my eyes

I can catch a glimpse of colors

If I remember to breathe 

I can smell victory

I can, I will, 

Free my soul 

Release the fear that binds me

I just need to believe