Dare to Dream with Open Eyes

If only our dreams were gateways to the reality we crave,
Our world would be seen in a different light,
A sweet view of enlightenment,
Unreachable goals would become a distant memory,
Our inner peace achieved,
Hope would feed our inner spirit,
Being stronger than fear hope is the live version of our dreams,
The open door to our gateway awaits the journey,
Dare to dream with your eyes open,
Step into the visualization of your creativity and make life your true reality.


The Pleasure Artist

He paints a picture of pleasure with the perfect stroke,
Applies just the right touch of imagination,
Adds visual power to captivate my soul with his artistic flare,
Always leaving me desiring more,
It’s music to my eyes,
Then he shits on my masterpiece with his inattentive ways…..

With Each Tear

With each tear that falls I send my love,
With each tear that drops a piece of me falls,
With each tear I send a hug,
With each tear I pray it reaches you,
With each tear a part of me dies,
With each tear I can’t hide,
With each tear I can no longer lie,
With each tear I miss you inside.

If This is Hell, Where do I Sign

It’s been a year and what a year it’s been,
The chemistry, the passion, the excitement a revolving door,
The sound of his voice still making me weak,
The thought of him leaves my honey pot so sweet,
He’s got me eating out of the palm of his hand,
Though its my eyes that have him hooked,
My smile sexy as hell he says,
Perhaps we are both a wanderer in sexual abyss,
Where passion captures your souls,
Lust feeds the blood in your veins,
If this is hell,
May I ask the devil to sign my contract,
I’m hooked, addicted and I can never leave,
I don’t want to,
It’s a thrill stronger than addiction,
When we connect it’s cosmic,
It’s universal,
And it’s all mine.

Guide my Soul Home

If the path I’m on keeps leading me to you,
I’ll be praying the wind blows me away,
Leaving me someone else’s fool,
Maybe then my heartache can be replaced,
My soul is lost,
Yet found,
I beg of you stranger,
Be kind and gentle,
Guide my soul home to the serenity I deserve.