The Dance With Fate

There lies the dance with fate,I sway in the dust of memories purest hate, 

Passionate anger, I cry,

Buried bones within my flesh, 

I rot,

They hold me back from life, killing my soul, piece by piece,

I have no choice but to let you all go,

To banish you all in forgiveness so that I may live, 

May these skeletons find wings to fly. 

-hope kenyon


Far Away From You

I misconstrued the bleeding from my soul
I was bleeding from my head not my heart
You never held the power to destroy me-I was misled

It’s a cleansing
A proper good-bye
There are no more tears to dry
There is no real loss
You are no longer in the running for my Prince Charming

Good-bye my dead love
I wish you a sweet death
In love-hell where they bury love alive

I’m free from the lies that kept me cornered
Released from the burden of tethered chains
I am a hundred pounds lighter than I’ve ever been

I want to drive on a highway
At speeds over 105
Not to crash
But to celebrate my freedom
I’m fucking over you at last

Today is the beginning
Today is my end
You no longer fit in a speck of dust crossing my path
Or any god damn thoughts where you used to stand

You are no longer my first and last thought
You killed me- finally, at last
You killed the love I used to hold

My love is buried in Love-land
Where it will re-bloom
In a garden of love
Far away from you