Bare Silhouette

She leaves a thought of seduction,
Just a glimpse of her skin,
Sitting there,
In a bare silhouette,
By candlelight,
Ivory color,
With artsy designs,
Long dark hair covering her ample breasts,
Afraid to show the scars,
Scars of bearing children,
Scars of life,
A delicate flower,
A peculiar weed,
She hides these things,
From the light,
From you,
In the dark,
Hidden and ashamed,
Secure in her own world,
Free of judgement and fear,
Tucked away,
Waiting for someone rescue her,
One day.


The Elite Souls

I’m strangely aroused by you,
And the secrets we keep,
The ones we share with only the elite,
To walk in the shadows,
To dance between the light and dark,
My soul seeker we’re found,
An extension of myself,
Truly smitten and I adore,
The comfort shared between our souls.

The Love I Contest

Everything I knew to be true,
Is now obsolete,
Your tenderness and love broke through me,
Left me exposed,
Completely raw when you gazed into my soul,
Holding my hands,
Keeping me focused in the moment,
I couldn’t hide with closed eyes,
I felt you deep-seated within,
The love I disallow is truly alive,
Kissing my forehead,
Sending your love in shock waves,
I was briefly paralyzed,
The scare wore off,
And I realized I’m deeply in love with you,
Why must I continuously deny my own truth?

Fresh Crisp Laundered Shirt

Every time I close my eyes,
The image laid before my mind is your fresh crisp laundered shirt,
I see my fingers unbuttoning the first three,
Watched you quickly take over just to have me,
A faithful instinct,
Your carnal mind waves,
I assumed the position on the floor,
Hearing the moans of satisfaction,
Grabbed your hand to walk you up upstairs,
Lifted my sweater off to give you a look from behind,
You stopped me half-way in flight,
Grabbed me,
Pulled my bottoms down,
Bent me over to hover the stairs,
Feeling I’m ready,
Taking what I made yours,
Every part of me,
My eternal bliss,
You stop amidst your indulgence,
I unselfishly lay before you,
You long to please me too,
Multiple times over and over,
Loving the intense moment,
I see the reflection of my master,
My god,
Unleashing a beautiful moan in his lasting pleasure.

Everything That Touches Me

You’re the warm water that trickles from my shower,
The comfort and ease,
The delicate warmth,
You’re like the lotion that glides across my body,
The caress,
The loving touch,
Soothing pleasure and the after glow,
You fill my thoughts with everything that touches my skin,
A simple shower is rewarding,
Though of course,
I’d prefer you.

Mental Suicide

I peaked to view the time of day,
I must rise to face what I do not want,
I say,
The same routine,
I look to the mirror,
What face do I see today?
Going through the morning motions,
Splash water over my weary eyes,
Contemplate what I’ll do later,
All the things I mentally check,
Trying to find things to distract myself,
Stop the madness,
I’m running away from me,
My fears of what can be,
Procrastinating each day,
Look in the mirror my subconscious shouts,
Stop the mental suicide,
Your potential is endless when you stop fearing yourself.

The Random Thoughts we Exchange

Oh you tease me so well,
the way you pay attention never missing cues,
The softness of my breath,
the way my breath whispers in delight,
As if you feel as I feel and it makes me come alive,
I want to tease you,
I want to taste you,
fuck you for hours,
Just to do it again and again, something we both can agree on,
Slow and deep, fast and hard, to stop, tease again so you can change the pattern of my breath you adore,
You want to hear my moans as you penetrate me,
You long to explode taking the remains to spread upon me,
To smear the part of you around my breasts,
To take more across my sweet spot to hear multiple screams again,
The reflection in the mirror excites you so,
Watching the desires unfold,
The images that won’t leave your mind,
I feel the heat,
the warmth between my legs,
and I cream just at the thought of what can be,
each time you look at me,
The way my body responds,
The way it shakes,
everything you do so right,
My body shivers at the thought of it,
Is it wrong now I crave you in every part of me?
Oh what you do to me,
You know how to find the warmth that meets your eyes,
deep inside the place of your erotic side,
Even shaving the intricate areas of my body,
My thoughts are driven to the places you touch,
Never to be the same,
The random thoughts we exchange.