Trump’s America 

We See the deception of the false reality you’re trying to project and we will exercise our voices to object your unAmerican, racist and ignorant plans to destroy the lives of all human beings, animals, the climate, relationships with our allies, all for the sake of your egotistical God complex.

 You cannot filter what we see and what we can say. 


To Believe

I see my path it tastes so sweet

I’m lit up like the 4th of July

I’m happy for the first time

I’m living the dream

It is just that, it is a dream

A mental mirage

A faint weep can be heard if you stand close enough to me

Be careful I warn

My feet are stuck in cement

An illusion created out of fear

You know, the ones the dream makers forewarn of?

Tied by the mental ropes

I struggle to get free

To live the reality I dream

This darn fear

It has a hold on me

If I open my eyes

I can catch a glimpse of colors

If I remember to breathe 

I can smell victory

I can, I will, 

Free my soul 

Release the fear that binds me

I just need to believe

A Display of Love

His kiss bleeds passion
into my poetry and soul,
Leaving my life an ink well of hope 
and love,
Adding desire across the walls of my graffiti heart,
A painting of star-crossed lovers
in love,
In pain,
In art,
Displayed across infinite stars.