When I’m Home

Each second I’m away from him,
Sends me into a spiraling abyss,
Each moment his lips aren’t meeting mine,
My soul dives deeper,
Into a dark torment,
An iron-rod cell,
The center of my mind,
My third eye,
Searching and dying for my Romeo,
Enchanted by his eyes,
His stories,
I find divine,
He intoxicates my soul,
I hunger to know more,
My heart grows weary,
His scent lingers on my hands,
I feel him in each breath,
I ache for those million little heart attacks,
He’s my melody,
My rhythm and blues,
I dance and sing,
With each delight,
With each squirm,
With my lowered breath,
I whisper into his ear,
I’m home,
He’s inside,
My heart,
My soul,
My mind.

Our X-Rated Porn

Your hand gently grazed my waist,
I hungered to taste,
Your eyes commanded my stare,
They didn’t seem to go no where,
Lost in each other’s glare,
I longed to become a receptacle of your vessel,
My body directed you to my version of mescal,
You lit up,
To drink from our death cup,
The devilish laugh as you realized it is for you,
I gasped,
Overflowing juices,
The frenzy,
My skin jolted,
Wanting to detach from my bones,
I wanted you inside,
I closed my eyes,
And the movie played in my mind,
I watched us star,
In an X-rated porn,
The more I sighed,
The more you responded,
And I could no longer hide,
Shivering like a cold day in November,
I trembled at each touch,
My uncontrollable senses guided by my soul,
I smiled and realized we were putting on a show,
The gods watched as we made love,
Not like mortal souls,
We are immortal beasts,
Ravishing each other,
An uncontrollable feast,
We merge into one,
Melting skin,
Our bodies pinned,
Fitting like a perfect puzzle,
Shifting and guiding with ease,
Maneuvering to stay within mouths reach,
My lips nibble,
I can still taste the saltiness from your flesh,
And I crave to taste you again,
To run my tongue up and down the sides of your body,
To the inside of your thighs,
Stopping to inhale,
The musk hiding behind your jewels,
Cupping and pulling,
You yearn to be absorbed,
My hand meets your head,
Oozing with sweet cream,
I drink a drop,
Savoring the idea,
There is more yet to come.

The Fog

I’ve been down this road before,
Lost in the fog,
Making my way through the haze,
Pushing my way through the doubt, and corruption of the thoughts rotting my mind

Begging and pleasing don’t let this be the same,
Not another wrong turn,
Don’t knock me down,

Not this time,
Don’t squash my hope,
My dreams,
Condiluted with worry, regret, and

Fear, don’t rule me now,
Fear, walk away from here,
Fear, keep walking,
Fear, get the fuck out of here

Don’t look my way,
Never thought I’d be stuck here again,
Flopping for air,
Knocked out of this water game

A technical foul,
Called truth,
Or doubt,
Trying to make sense of what just happened, I don’t know

What the fuck am I doing here,
What hell are you doing to me,
Making me run scared,
Numbing my heart

Making me feel nothing,
Locking the chambers,
Before the tear gas goes off,
Fuck, fuck, fuck,
Where do I go from here

Fear, don’t rule me now,
Fear, walk away from here,
Fear, keep walking,
Fear, get the fuck from here

Drowning my fears tonight,
The bottle of red washes through my veins,
Hiding the truth,
This nasty thing,
Behind the doubt,
The fog.

Wiping Away Sleep

Sleep tries to steal my thoughts,
My subconscious wants it’s moment of glory too,
And I strain to keep my eyes wide open,
Scour through images,
Any thought that reminds me,
Of you,
And I wonder if sleep wins,
Will my dreams bring you again?
Will I wake,
To brush the sleep from my eyes,
To see you lying by my side,
Will it be morning,
With you here,
Will I see you lying naked,
Arms and legs wrapped tightly around me,
During a glorious sunrise,
Will light from the window shine across your beautiful onyx eyes,
While you ask me if I slept,
Kiss me with our dragon breath,
And I will sigh sweetly,
Giggle at the touch of your whiskers,
Thanking god,
For the dream,
That’s come true,
From all the nights,
I dreamt of you,
Where I woke up,
Wiping my skin of sleep,
Staring sadly,
At an empty set of sheets.

I Die and I Die

You are the one that revealed the truth,
you are the one that I see visions through,
my future,
my alpha male

running through dark woods,
my black hair shines in your light,
I look back,
slow my pace,
you’re not there,
my lungs cry

my heart is not beating, my heart is not beating, my heart is not beating
save my soul, where are you tonight, why does my soul cry

my soul weeps while the days run from us,
time races from each day to the next,
my soul stops breathing until the next kiss

the wolves stop howling, they silence in our locked lips, and i whimper,
they pace and they wait to save me, to save us

you breathe life back into me,
and it sustains momentarily,
until I see you go,
and I cry each day we are apart

my heart is not beating, my heart is not beating, my heart is not beating
save my soul, where are you tonight, why does my soul cry

i keep myself busy,
i stand outside and i soak in the sun’s rays,
remind myself to keep breathing
and I laugh,
and I smile

I’m full of a million emotions mixing,
a perfect cocktail,
and I wait to drink with you,
the weekly union that we seek

why god, why, does time seem so slow,
the moon is growing,
faster in the evening sky,
lighting the way,
until you are holding me,
kissing me,
under the moonlight,
where all the worries fade,
where nothing else matters,
but our locked lips in heaven

the pack is restless, and i am dying in the center of my kind,
waiting in the woods for you to find me,
and they howl,
scream, rescue her, rescue us

my heart is barely beating,
i die and i die,
over and over,
until the moment,
i can see you again.


I ask, What is Love?

What is love?
Love is an empty box,
where you place in between two,
and fill,
with pieces of your soul,
and your heart,
giving effortlessly of yourself,
placing the tokens today,
making memories,
creating new ones where we can draw from,
our box will fill with riches,
where we can take if ever in need,
to cherish,
to place on a pedestal,
love is what derives between you and me,
we took a an empty box,
and it is filling with treasures more beautiful than gold,
love is in our hearts and souls,
and I promise to never drain the box,
to keep replacing what I take,
never to kill the love that floats between our souls,
never to take more than I give,
love is letting go,
and if I ever lose your love,
I’d let go,
allow someone else to love you so,
love is not selfish,
love is a blessing,
a wonderful gift,
and I am rich,
in love beyond words,
though the term letting go,
will only be in the sense of dropping the walls around my heart,
you’re embedded into every crevice of my heart and soul,
I want you to know that I respect you,
value what we have,
what we share,
I dance around this filled box,
it radiates,
it shines,
the whole world is touched,
and everyone around us too,
feels the love we have,
the love shared between us two,
it is cultivating,
and we are spreading love in the air,
all those around seek to feel,
fill their empty boxes,
With the Epic Love in the eyes of you and me.

I Don’t Play Games

you think you are slick with your games,
you think your trash talking is gonna win your flame,
you are fooling no one,
the only fool standing there is you,
see the trash barrel burning?
watch those dancing flames,
you’re going to get burned,
gonna be left,
charbroiled and crusty,
all dried up and flaky,
just like your soul,
you little filet of fish,
you are gonna get what you deserve,
you ain’t got nothing on this little dish,
nothing decorative,
not even decent bait,
no appetite you can create,
from the mouthiness you contain,
no competition,
they don’t allow your kind,
in this league,
I don’t play games,
Intellectual debates,
you think you have enough to compete?
sit down bitch,
you are competing against no one but yourself,
you are playing these games alone,
making yourself a foolish,
little bore,
silent in the laughter,
you don’t even know.