Empty of Me

The chains of yesterday to do not weigh me down,
They do not confine me,
My love flows,
I’m free,
I fly,
With courage,
With peace

Do not attempt to cage me,
Do not consume me,
I’m not yours to keep

I gallop,
I run,
I dance in the clouds,
I’m free

I love,
I love many,
In different ways,
I love to help,

To live,
To be,
To breathe

My time spread thin,
I give to all,
Of me,

I sprinkle love evenly,
I can’t be yours,
Only yours,
It suffocates me

Do not attempt to cage me,
Do not consume me,
I’m not yours to keep

That’s how you’ve left me

Please don’t clip my wings,
Leave me desolated,
I will turn hollow and die,
And all those I touched,
Empty of me inside.


Berries and Honey

I felt the kiss of death,
my infinite one,
when you touched me

Time stopped,
you stood between my legs,
with your hands,
your life force,
bringing me to the brink of ecstasy

Consumed my pleasure,
so wholeheartedly,
i adored the passion,
the spark,
the flame

Your desire,
became mine,
my desires,

There is no taste to ever touch my lips,
my tongue,
my heart,
my soul

The berries are sweet,
the smell so ripe,
the aroma invigorating,
i can’t help myself,
i want to eat

They are poisonous berries,
they do not kill me,
they invite me in to live,
to breathe,
to dance with the devil

I am your little princess,
the wicked one,
the pleasure seeker,
addicted to soul,
so willingly

I lay here in the sheets,
i taste of you,
i invite you in,
you stay,
we come,
and you taste of me.

To Die in your Arms

There is a colorful vision of art that I see in your eyes,
it intoxicates me,
and I envision our memories,
the old,
the new,
the now

We can not stare in each other’s eyes without a kiss,
a kiss of the soul,
a kiss of our mind,
to touch each other’s lips,
we can not stop,
it is a magnificent work of art I find

Your voice,
my favorite sound,
my soothing lullaby,
my erotic fancy,
a delight each time

My words escape me,
my heartbeat expressed,
in my tongue,
to paper,
to live
and love forever

Your soul whispers,
i hear the words,
they feed me,
fuel me,
complete me with each thought

I find heaven in your lips,
i sleep a thousand years in the seconds I rest on your chest,
my aura sparks purple,
we kiss one last time,
i die multiple times in your arms.

My Dreams at Night

Off in the middle of black and white,
In the grey,
The shadows,
The night,
A different land,
I pondered does life exist?
My life,
I find it does,
A warm, bright, light,
A life force,
With exuding strength of a god,
It is like no other,
A fierce fire,
With a strength of a thousand men,
I hold no shield,
I’m different,
I create,
I love,
I dance,
I absorb the energies,
Of earth,
Our universe,
It’s parallelity,
To the sun,
To the stars and moon,
The cosmic space,
Existing between our worlds,
No longer at mercy to myself,
I conquer,
My fears,
All my worries,
My pain,
In my dreams,
I find my vision,
I see the light,
It’s bright,
And it dances in the night.

Our Madness

You own my mind and soul,
And all the fibers in between,
I gave them willingly to you,
No coercion,
I did not contest,
There was no fight,
I laid the rose petals at your feet,
Fed you grapes,
Poured your wine,
You drank from my hand,
I set the table,
Layered it with your favorite foods,
Offered my body for your elegant dinnerware,
You ate,
Dinner and dessert,
Sacrificing myself,
The irony of giving ones soul,
The fuckery of it all,
Not stolen,
Not taken,
Given to you,
Hand held,
And I was your plate,
The insane gesture,
A loving affair,
A touch of flare,
The red rose petals,
Floating in the air,
Whirling around us,
Dancing at our feet,
Romantically wicked,
Kissing my ruby red lips,
My soul breathing into yours,
I ended up stealing your mind and soul,
When our breath entwined,
And we locked in our madness.

Dancing in your Arms

How can I learn to love anyone else,
To give a piece of me,
A part of me,
My heart and soul is bound to you,

The trees are dying,
The sky is grey,
All I see is your face in my garden,
Smiling, wishing, asking if I’m ok,

I’m skipping to the beat of my own drum,
My heart trembling, I can’t run,
I’m banging my head,
Wishing I was dead,

I want to love you like the moon,
Lost in the millions of stars lighting your way,
Waiting until you feel the same,
Loving me,

Drinking my wine,
Dancing until nine,
Swaying me back,
Spinning my soul bringing on my heart attack,

Sometimes it hurts,
Sometimes I can’t breathe,
Some days I pretend,
That you don’t exist,
Trying to camouflage I’m bleeding internally,
Trying to stay alive in my love,
The love that is slowly killing me,

I’m skipping to the beat of my own drum,
My heart trembling, I can’t run,
I’m banging my head,
Wishing I was dead,

Why won’t you save me?

I’m alive in this twisted life,
Seizing the spare moments,
Closing my eyes to love you,
To see you in this light,
The man who scorches my heart,
Burns like a invincible flame,
Scattered ashes just the same,

They continue to rise,
And I keep loving you,
This love I can’t snuff,
The epic love,
Hidden in the sheets,
In this temptation,
In the dreams that keep me,
I find you there,
loving me,

Drinking my wine,
Dancing until nine,
Swaying me back,
Spinning my soul bringing on my heart attack,

I die dancing in your arms.


The rocks break the ocean’s waves,
it crashes,
the white tips splash,
the spray showers my soul,
I’m wet,
The waves slice through me,
My heart cold,
My blue blood,
Lacking oxygen,
I am begging to see the red,
My life,
the blood leaving my pours,
Am I dead?
Is this the beginning?
Or is this the end?
I’m turning blue,
a grayish hue,
The sea is calming,
I hear the guides calling,
desperate to feel alive,
I’m led into the ocean,
I say my good byes,
Off to drown,
in the twilight of the night,
With the moon glowing high,
my path lines with a haze,
My thoughts fading,
I walk deeper,
Neck high in my warm water,
comforted by my torture,
my life returning,
back to the sea,
my kisses reach,
i touch the night,
I find the light,
admist my darkness,
my own high,
destined to live,
I return to the sand,