I Will Promise You

I will promise you,
After the newness fades,
And the honeymoon dance ends,
The love that binds us,
Will lay a foundation

For the days that lie ahead,
Through the warmest days,
Scorching heat,
Through the rain,
And sleet,
The windy days

I promise to love,
Keep our love spirit alive,
I promise to be forever true,
I promise this,
Only to you

I will grab us a blanket,
An umbrella,
A picnic for you and me,
I’ll bring a map,
A journal,
A pen,
A thermos of hot chocolate,
And mugs,
A telescope to watch the stars

No specific planning,
Just jotting memories,
Places we wish to see,
Things we want to do

Let’s just go,
Be free,
And laugh

Lets keep creating memories,
Keep loving unconditionally,
All the days,
The times,
The seconds,
Our love is deep,
The kisses more meaningful

Our time together is priceless,
Anything we do is unforgettable,
Life is more valuable,
I have learned,
When it is shared,
With the other half of our soul

So blessed,
Yes, let me say it again,
So blessed,
To have found you

Through the wreckage of broken dreams,
In the stormiest time,
Where my ship laid capsized,
The sun shined through the clouds,
Lining the sea,
Leading my return,
To a promise of love,
Truly not forgotten,
When I found you,
To rescue,

I promise to love,
Keep our love spirit alive,
I promise to be forever true,
I promise this,
Only to you


Completing the Greatest Love Story of our Time

Woven essence,
stitched in gold,
intricately seals our love,
two souls bound,
for an infinite journey

For the mythical gods have blessed,
sent a gift,
something magical,
to steer the road

It is no wonder,
that we stand here today,
in awe,
to have such a blessing lighting our way

To find no defeat,
in the battles,
for which we have faced,
risen above the hate,
bathing gracefully

We will walk not alone,
but with our strength,
and family

Through the horizon,
tied with everlasting love,
and a guiding spirit,
pushing us to carry on

We accept this gift,
with loving arms,
to hold,
protect and shelter from the storms,

With faith,
we share the divine union brewing,
completing the greatest love story of our time.

Until Us

To be madly in love,
Where passion resides not only in lust,
But of the heart,
And mind,
Where a childhood picture,
Swoops in, and carriers your love,
And affection,
Where it is not just cute,
But warms your heart by adding to the depths felt,
A time where I knew of you,
A time of innocence,
The beginning to my end,
Where fate intervened,
Separated us to live,
Experience, and see,
How life would be without love,
Without the love born in us,
Childhood friends,
Who would later learn,
That chemistry,
The edge of reason,
Was nothing,
Until us.

No Other Fool

Amidst the sadness that sometimes permeates silence,
In the emptiness driving the distance,
Underneath the questions of validation,
Through the many ponders,
Not knowing my truest stance,
Kept at bay,
A union not tethered,
Manually flawed to loosen the cord,
My weary soul cries,
And through my wept tears,
All my love,
Is still bound to you,
For I could love,
No other fool.