Will you be my Friend?

And so I asked the fair chap sitting on the bench,
will you be my friend?

Would you listen to the stories about my past,
my dreams, my goals, my fears?

Would you listen without judgement?
Support me despite being reluctant to speak,
your opinions,
your own fears,
your own doubt,
to tarnish me?

I want to share some happiness,
glow in the moment,
I don’t want to regret for a moment,
sharing joys,
then feeling the warm piss of your pessimistic view leaving me red, blue,
angry and sad,
wiped from the friend I never had

Will you be a full course meal?
not just an appetizer,
or drink,
will you stay for dessert,
even if it becomes burnt?

And perhaps I will seek your thoughts,
when I am leery of my own,
but until then,
let me own,
just sit here and support me through

I wish to not fear,
what I can and cannot say,
I want to have the beauty of a bond,
I wouldn’t have it any other way

So I ask you here,
in this park,
can you be that friend?

The one who doesn’t turn,
face away,
reflecting negativity,
of a bitter soul captured in envy

Ah, and for a moment,
I give thought to a wish,
for ideally,
it is rare

Rare to find these souls,
where they mirror,
transcendent light,
in a protectiveness,
only true hearts,
true souls,
true friends,
sometimes only us strangers and soul mates know.


A Crying Rant

I think today I felt the world’s pain,
And my heart tore in the anguish that others bear,
I don’t know why my soul cried,
And why my tears tried to wash my eyes,
I can’t understand the loss of humanity,
Some days I can’t comprehend when I hear people complain about being bored,
Or having a bad day,
What’s a bad day anyway?
Someone pissed you off?
You didn’t get your way?
Can’t you see the sun is out today?
You get another chance at tomorrow when someone is taking their last breath,
When someone is losing their loved ones to cancer or some drunken driver who is out there careless,
Some pointless gunman,
There are many trials, and tribulations in our lives,
So many people struggling just to stay alive,
To scrap something to eat,
To feed a family,
Or their family pet,
The world is dying,
It’s going to shit,
We are poisoning our food,
Killing our bees,
Poaching, and hunting natures, innocent wild beasts,
Gunning down school kids,
Spying on everyone with our useless technology,
That’s warping our brains, and damaging the future of tomorrow,
Where parks, and front yards take the back of the list,
Because our children can’t play in the streets,
Can’t be left alone outside,
To discover,
Enjoy the short childhood that is becoming the norm,
We have to live in fear,
Where the creeps watch,
Waiting for us to look away,
Where innocent children in Nigeria try to go to school,
And they are taken for a fault in someone’s religion,
Their dreams stolen away,
Devastating families, and souls,
Our world is going to shit,
Wars that go nowhere,
Money spent when the money can go towards the future,
Saving our planet,
Education, and mental health,
Giving hope to those who need to believe in a dream,
Our health system is crooked, and rips us off,
Picks, and chooses who gets to live with their god complex on referrals,
A vicious circle when we try to eat healthy, and the produce costs more than packaged food,
Where it’s cheaper to eat a hamburger, and fries than a salad,
Why is there madness in this twisted industry?
Madness in our world,
The madness in our media making the demented monsters
heroes in their fifteen minutes of shame,
Wake the fuck up,
Make a difference,
Be somebody,
Help yourself,
Help another,
Get inspired,
Make today a brand new day,
Your life is what you make of it,
No one can hold your hand,
No one is holding you back,
Stop complaining,
Stop hesitating,
Embrace all there is to offer,
Stop contributing to the negativity,
Start believing in tomorrow,
Sit outside,
Any time of the day,
Look around damn it,
You’re alive,
There are no bad days,
Just a change in plans,
Enjoy the challenge,
Don’t give up,
Don’t tell me your bored,
Write a book,
Create some art that depicts the boredom you feel,
Express yourself in a positive way,
Make a difference,
To yourself,
No more blaming it on others,
Take action, and responsibility,
Read a book,
Make some goals,
Live your dreams,
Find the love you’ve buried in your heart,
And just be,
Be content,
Changing the world one day at a time,
Changing yourself,
Starts with a healthy attitude,
And mind.