A Token of Love

Sitting around Saturday morning

The sun glares in through mustard-colored shades

And fills my heart with filtered-sunshine

An empty chair sits still

And you’re not there

You’re off dreaming in bed somewhere

I can’t believe you are mine

I sit here in disbelief

Feeling inadequate of ever being loved

I love the way you hold my hand

The way you reel me in next to you

No one has loved me like you

Every day is heaven in this dismal world

I am loved by you

Every moment is like a dream when I stand next to you


The Remains of Me

My peach tree shook when you kissed me,
And you drove my roots deep,
The turmoil,
I couldn’t speak,
You uprooted my soil,
My peaches began to fall,
Rolling around at your feet,
I saw,
Stacking high,
You want to eat,
Oh my, oh my,
Splitting open the juiciest one,
The ripest part of me,
Loosening my pitted core,
You tease,
I scream,
Oh my god,
Oh my god,
I slam more peaches to the floor,
Looking deep in my eyes,
Satisfaction released,
Still dancing,
With your gathering fruit stick inside,
Bursting open,
Splitting my pit,
I shot the remains of me.


I flashed through the crevices of time
And faded through a stray of light
I gazed upon his face
Dazed in a love bouquet

What kind of sorcery tampered here?
By what light was I brought here?

This is not the life I know
I’m broken
A forgotten soul

I know not of this world
I only know pain
I hurt
I bleed

Have I died?
Am I saved in his light?

The beauty of a man
Half my soul
I feel whole

I feel over the moon in love
A sense of calming
Something soothing I’ve never known

At this moment
I must be the luckiest soul
Somewhere I’ve perished
Hit a love lotto

Will I wake from this dream?
Find myself victim to a scheme?

I do not know
I do not care
I like where I’ve landed

Fighting Sleep

I lay here awake,
Wondering the time,
I tried falling back asleep,
But your essence lingers,
Luring me,
To the aroma,
The air fills of my favorite dish,
I’m caught,
In my hunger,
I’m famished for you,
I roll over just in time,
You cover me,
Sheltering me from the early morning chill,
Reminding me,
Of my fear,
Morning has arrived,
I lie here tucked in your arm,
Feeling your heat,
Your warmth,
Staring at you,
Your chiseled face,
Inches from mine,
The details keep me mesmerized,
Those lips,
Closed eyes,
I remembered last night,
The shadow outlining the left side of your nose,
The window provides just enough light,
Your portrait,
I adore,
I love you so,
Every inch,
Every outline,
I see no flaws,
You’re the image of my love god,
I try to memorize every line,
I want to capture this picture,
This image,
I try to sleep,
But I fight,
Losing the image,
Or sleep,
With your face so close to mine,
Your scent ravishes my senses,
My heart just races,
Down love overdrive,
Keeping me adrift,
Between the grogginess,
The in between,
Of day and night,
I don’t want to loose this feeling,
This scent,
This sight,
The love making last night,
I want to stay enchanted,
By the love of my life.

Remembering Yesterday

There is a part of me that mourns,
A part of my soul cries,
A part of me that has died,
And I feel the loss,
A loss that I’m not privileged to bear,
But I do,
I mourn too,
My spirit feels, and hears the souls of others,
I clench to the pain of yesterday,
And I seek to help those heal,
Absorb the tears,
Take away all the fears,
Blend the past with today,
Never to forget yesterday,
Blessing the hearts of those I love to find the peace of tomorrow,
The road within the journey is now paved,
Together we will make our way,
Side by side,
Remembering yesterday.

Berries and Honey

I felt the kiss of death,
my infinite one,
when you touched me

Time stopped,
you stood between my legs,
with your hands,
your life force,
bringing me to the brink of ecstasy

Consumed my pleasure,
so wholeheartedly,
i adored the passion,
the spark,
the flame

Your desire,
became mine,
my desires,

There is no taste to ever touch my lips,
my tongue,
my heart,
my soul

The berries are sweet,
the smell so ripe,
the aroma invigorating,
i can’t help myself,
i want to eat

They are poisonous berries,
they do not kill me,
they invite me in to live,
to breathe,
to dance with the devil

I am your little princess,
the wicked one,
the pleasure seeker,
addicted to soul,
so willingly

I lay here in the sheets,
i taste of you,
i invite you in,
you stay,
we come,
and you taste of me.

To Die in your Arms

There is a colorful vision of art that I see in your eyes,
it intoxicates me,
and I envision our memories,
the old,
the new,
the now

We can not stare in each other’s eyes without a kiss,
a kiss of the soul,
a kiss of our mind,
to touch each other’s lips,
we can not stop,
it is a magnificent work of art I find

Your voice,
my favorite sound,
my soothing lullaby,
my erotic fancy,
a delight each time

My words escape me,
my heartbeat expressed,
in my tongue,
to paper,
to live
and love forever

Your soul whispers,
i hear the words,
they feed me,
fuel me,
complete me with each thought

I find heaven in your lips,
i sleep a thousand years in the seconds I rest on your chest,
my aura sparks purple,
we kiss one last time,
i die multiple times in your arms.