Wonderful news came to me today

and I thought of you

you would always appreciate such blessings as your own


I wanted to call

but you are gone


You left this world

you left to be an angel of some other kind

you left without saying goodbye


It’s okay though

we weren’t even talking



Though I have always wondered why

I am still baffled by your disappearance

out of my life


You must have had good reason

oh well




Only Heaven Knows

I walked with you down the pebbled, dusty road,
I found myself praying to you

hold my hand,
hug me tight,
shower me with your words of wisdom,
under the heavens,
here on earth

It’s not fair,
I mourn the loss of you

dear god,
why did you take only father I knew?
I know,
don’t remind me I am grown,
I miss my grandfather,
only heaven knows

I pray for guidance,
For protection,
A bit of faith,
Our life is about to change

oh I know it will all be fine,
what I would give for just an outside look,
a little reassurance into the future,
a vision of health,
of joy

Miracles happen every day,
Just to wake up breathing is a day of grace

to have love,
a hand to hold,
someone to cup your fears,
and drink them away

Maybe I should have paid more attention in church,
Maybe I should have found one faith,
The rebel in me,
Always looking for something new

I have love,
I have the universe by my side,
stars guiding my life,
my twin flame,
my combined family

The selfish little girl in me,
Wishing by some big miracle,
My grandfather could still be here with me

the divine,
the belief,

You are always here with me,
In my heart,
My thoughts,
Holding me,
Only heaven knows.

Sweet Child

The light flicked on and off,
A heart appeared,
Reflecting from sunlight

I felt your love,
Radiating like sunshine

Sweet child,
You’re missed,
You’re loved

I know you’re alive,
Living vicariously through other souls,
Hello from afar

The heart,
The light,
That’s the sign,
You’re alright

Paying a visit through the trees,
Making me wonder,
What’s heaven like?

Sweet child,
Your vision,
Your dreams,
Are pushing through

Can’t wait to see the skate park,
Everyone is diligently working,
To see it through

Thank you for the connection,
Thank you for letting me hear your thoughts,
Your words,
Speaking aloud your vision,
Your dream

Sweet child,
You’re such a beautiful soul,
I’m blessed

Kindred spirit,
From afar,
Peace and love,
We all send to you.

Drenched In A Heated Kiss

Scorched by the touch of a flame,
My soul loves him fiercely,
The beauty of fire,
The glorious colors,
How could I not love him without passion?
There is no other way,
Never will he see a day of lifeless love,
Our love burns passionately,
Brought alive through his eyes,
The reflection of my soul,
Settles the hazy smoke,
Where I wandered lost,
For years,
Without true love,
Struggling to stay afloat,
My dreams,
Scattered in the heavens,
Waiting for the day,
The shadow would lift,
Where my dreams stood,
Choking in the ash,
I suffocated without air,
My fire starter,
Relinquished the clouds,
To release my cries,
Heaven’s angels brought him down,
To be by my side,
Fire, and water,
The elements of our souls,
They balance our nature,
Settling one another,
Where we find,
Our infinite love,
Underneath pouring rain,
We stand,
In a heated kiss.

Universal Peace

When will the world find peace?
Where the animals run free without the poachers creeping in destroying life,
No more cruel trading of our kind,
Where our food is in abundance and starving becomes none,
Shelter for all and smiles galore,
When will our world see this in store?
Why must there be hate when life has so much to offer everyone?
Why must we destroy our own kind with acted out evil thoughts,
When can our children play safe in the streets?
And the earth still protects the wild,
Can the violence ever cease to exist so we all feel serine?
When will we find the cures to heal the pains?
Live in peace, good health and freedom,
No more genocide,
No more unnecessary death,
Where we accept the each other’s religious choices,
Sexual preferences and the right to choose,
My blessing for all of you is to find some mental freedom from the pains that haunt us all,
May we all sleep in peace as one.