His enchanted soul radiates love and devotion

Making love to my mind, body and soul

Passionately it becomes all-encompassing 
Breathing life into my every thought 
Filling me with a feeling of contentment 
No matter where we are
The warmth of his love reaches mine
I flutter and smile all the time
My blessed soul is charmed to receive such magic
Such love
A true, priceless gift 
Rare in this century today of on-line romance
And when my love dances back to reciprocate 
His love that I absorbed, intertwined with my own 
Showers him threefold

The Remains of Me

My peach tree shook when you kissed me,
And you drove my roots deep,
The turmoil,
I couldn’t speak,
You uprooted my soil,
My peaches began to fall,
Rolling around at your feet,
I saw,
Stacking high,
You want to eat,
Oh my, oh my,
Splitting open the juiciest one,
The ripest part of me,
Loosening my pitted core,
You tease,
I scream,
Oh my god,
Oh my god,
I slam more peaches to the floor,
Looking deep in my eyes,
Satisfaction released,
Still dancing,
With your gathering fruit stick inside,
Bursting open,
Splitting my pit,
I shot the remains of me.

One Magical Night

His scent lingers on my skin,
Like sunshine,
After a day of rain,
Intoxicated madness,
I’m not sure,
If today,
I’m the same,
I knew my doom was near,
Five minutes in,
When I longed to hold his hand,
Kiss his cheeks,
Touch his lips,
Taste his kiss,
We’ve only just met,
Years apart,
Childhood friends,
His ring,
Sits placed on my finger,
Star-gazed lovers,
Are found,
One night,
In a little bar scene,
One magical night.