Summertime Sadness Series #8

Open and delete- Repeat

Open and delete  -Repeat

Robotic just like the love I received 

Delete, delete, every memory-Your image no longer exists to taint my heavenly view



The beauty of a rosebud
Waits to bloom
The art of patience I do not know
A freshly planted seed
I wait so patiently to see it sprout
To grow
To absorb the sunlight
To inhale its floral scent
To watch it slowly come alive
I pace and I pace
I walk this faint line
Damn the wait
I sigh
Please blossom
I whisper a delicate cry
What will the outcome be?
How many more days to confirm the growth?
This life?
The space of mind, body and soul
Fills me endlessly
The beauty of a rose
Love encompasses the stem
The leaves
And thorns
In me
In you
In us
The beautiful journey has begun

The Love Inside of Me

There is a deep woven sadness stirring,
bringing me to my childhood fears,
reliving and I am in tears,
for my past haunts my present,
and time manifests joylessly,
i am swimming in a cesspool,
and trying to hold my breath,
trying to see my way out of the muck,
before i drown in this mass decay,
a self-inflicted mess,
don’t you worry about me,
i will float,
i will not drown,
or succumb to the devil,
i will not bow,
i am self-cleansing all the things tormenting me,
grasping a new perspective to live,
for today,
releasing demons of the past,
that haunt my day,
it seems,
to chain me to this life,
the life killing me,
crying for the loss of my love,
my own love,
the love inside of me.