Completing the Greatest Love Story of our Time

Woven essence,
stitched in gold,
intricately seals our love,
two souls bound,
for an infinite journey

For the mythical gods have blessed,
sent a gift,
something magical,
to steer the road

It is no wonder,
that we stand here today,
in awe,
to have such a blessing lighting our way

To find no defeat,
in the battles,
for which we have faced,
risen above the hate,
bathing gracefully

We will walk not alone,
but with our strength,
and family

Through the horizon,
tied with everlasting love,
and a guiding spirit,
pushing us to carry on

We accept this gift,
with loving arms,
to hold,
protect and shelter from the storms,

With faith,
we share the divine union brewing,
completing the greatest love story of our time.


If I Was

If I was a tree,
I’d provide you shelter and shade,
If I was a butterfly,
I’d inspire change,
If I was song lyrics,
I’d change your life,
If I was a melody to music,
You’d dance all day and night,
If I was an angel,
I’d give you wings to fly with me,
If I was a thought,
I’d plant the seed to find your dreams,
If I was wind,
I’d breeze through you to feel me,
If I was love,
You’d never feel lonely.