When my heart flutters out of the blue,

When I watch the birds take flight,

When I dream,

When the music makes me sing and dance,

When my conscious keeps me clean and straight,

When I smile for no reason,

When I feel the sun kiss my face,

When I hunger for the breeze to flow through my flesh,

When the present outweighs the future and the past,

When I taste wine and sharp cheddar cheese,

When I pray at night,

When I thank God for opening doors,

When my outlook feels bright,

When nothing else matters other than the feel of your hand,

Or the sweetness of your breath,

When I feel hugged tight and you’re not there,

When my desire goes into overdrive and I shiver ever so sweet,

When you are my last thought before I sleep,

And the first thought when I rise,

All these things,

So many other things,

They remind me of you,

I am always thinking of you- no matter what I do,

And I realize how lucky life is,

How damn lucky- my life is,

To have someone as wonderful as you,

To share every waking moment soulfully,

As one,

You are never far from me. 


Will you be my Friend?

And so I asked the fair chap sitting on the bench,
will you be my friend?

Would you listen to the stories about my past,
my dreams, my goals, my fears?

Would you listen without judgement?
Support me despite being reluctant to speak,
your opinions,
your own fears,
your own doubt,
to tarnish me?

I want to share some happiness,
glow in the moment,
I don’t want to regret for a moment,
sharing joys,
then feeling the warm piss of your pessimistic view leaving me red, blue,
angry and sad,
wiped from the friend I never had

Will you be a full course meal?
not just an appetizer,
or drink,
will you stay for dessert,
even if it becomes burnt?

And perhaps I will seek your thoughts,
when I am leery of my own,
but until then,
let me own,
just sit here and support me through

I wish to not fear,
what I can and cannot say,
I want to have the beauty of a bond,
I wouldn’t have it any other way

So I ask you here,
in this park,
can you be that friend?

The one who doesn’t turn,
face away,
reflecting negativity,
of a bitter soul captured in envy

Ah, and for a moment,
I give thought to a wish,
for ideally,
it is rare

Rare to find these souls,
where they mirror,
transcendent light,
in a protectiveness,
only true hearts,
true souls,
true friends,
sometimes only us strangers and soul mates know.

Just Be

Just be, in this moment, silently, feel everything that flows through you, life’s current, the wind and air, the scents, the flowers and trees, sounds from birds, animals, and bees, absorb the oceans, lakes and ponds, climb the highest mountaintop with your mind….spread your wings and fly.