Homesick and Dying

I love the smell of pink jasmine in late winter, early spring,
The blossoms aroma captivates me,
The vines grow rapid and free,
They make me homesick,
I long for cozy nights,
Hanging lanterns,
Flickering lights,
Soothing sounds from the water fountain,
Meditating on the reflection of our home,
This place,
The wondrous Mother Earth,
It mirrors a day,
Of yesterday’s past,
When everything was so carefree,
I thought it would last,
The rivers are drying,
The Arctic is floating away,
Save the polar bears,
Sea levels are rising,
The sun,
The dying star,
Creating paralyzing heat,
And like motionless cats,
People just stand by,
Doing nothing,
Acting the same,
Eat less meat,
Clean up the pollution,
Save water,
Stop wasting food,
Do something,
The days are hotter,
We are missing fall,
Only seeing two seasons,
Summer and winter,
This isn’t any fun at all,
California days,
Where did they go?
It’s almost November,
It’s still 91 degrees outside,
We are drying out like beef jerky,
With no fall colored leaves,
Where is the push for discovering natural resources?
The ocean,
The air,
The sun,
Make it come from some where,
Diseases running rapid from afar,
No cures,
People are dying,
The government fighting wars,
That will mean nothing,
Just get along!
Once our planet collapses,
In retaliation,
For neglect and abuse,
With no one to blame,
But ourselves,
Are killing us all.


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